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heblm3 (#40142)
TEQ Game Account

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26-Apr-2021 23:08:11 Quality: 0.

Again you are wrong. Why is it so hard for you to to pay even the smallest amount of attention. The time line is wrong because you keep making up your own numbers lol. Now its 12 years. We started playing together when the game started I said give or take a few. I played until my early 20s. I then started my own work, education, etc. Of which point I lost contact with everyone here. I just came back last month after being gone.

It's not my fault you don't have a good memory. and I really don't care if you remember me. But I have a brain that functions correctly so remembering things doesn't come hard to me. That makes you even more questionable. I was part of the largest teams. ran many teams myself such as TnA and Bot. I was among one of the most controversial players to ever play the game and one of the best techers. I also messed up the best set you ever had in the game when attacking you while you was on PO messing up numbers while at war. We used to talk for hours and hours, about life, the future etc. You did at that time given my age help point me to some good readings.

As such I remember everything, my memory is a bit higher than most nearly if not fully eidetic and photographic. So remembering the people from here, the wars, the talks etc is not hard. I don't expect the same from you but i do expect you to follow along with basic concepts and keep up with simple dialog.

You as you have always done duck every question that is asked of you when you are wrong and try to force people to answer your questions.

So what I have to say to that is this. Get your facts right in this conversation. Live up to things you say. and you have been wrong on no less than 3 things so far in this conversation. Not counting what you can't understand in the rest of it.

I miss the old crew.

heblm3 (#40142)
TEQ Game Account
26-Apr-2021 23:21:52 Quality: 0.

Worst part is while you are on your high horse. You are always the one that starts with the insults lol. Very Christian of you as always.

I miss the old crew.

master of disaster (#15067)
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26-Apr-2021 23:38:57 Quality: 0.

Add to it that I have not posted here for 12 years. Your timelines do not add up.
You say you were on the frontlines but you do not know anyone that is actually frontlines.
All the names I previously gave and add Field McConnel, Timothy Charles Holmseth Melania T. And Tim Ballard.

These people offend you do they?
Are you a pedo?

master of disaster (#15067)
TEQ Game Account
26-Apr-2021 23:45:35 Quality: 0.

No. There is just nothing you DoD was memorable or remarkable.
No you were not a to techer. Not a chance.
Stolen Valor.
That should have pissed you off yet you glossed over it.
Again I staye.
Watching child porn for 12 years is not considered front lines in this fight.
Do not give me crap that you were just doing research.

Edit: add the fact that I have not been here for 12 years or so

heblm3 (#40142)
TEQ Game Account

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27-Apr-2021 00:53:12 Quality: 0.

Again your old decaying brain is the only one that cannot make a time line. If we started in 2000 and played for around 10 years. that puts us at 2010 lol its been 11 years since then. I stopped playing shortly after my first child was born so I know when I stopped. Somehow in your drug addicted brain give or take means nothing to you?

Next, I never said I was offended by them. I said I'm offended by your lies. If they are telling the same lies then I would be just as offended, by again , the lies. It doesn't mean I'm offended by you but the lies you are telling. The palace isn't up for sale and Hilary wasn't arrested that's why you started with the belittling attacks and trying to deflect. You can't answer any questions with actual facts and proof. You have nothing to go but speculations. You are honestly a pseudo intellectual. Like I said it makes me really sad. It makes me feel really sorry for you. I thought you had more in you than that.

Also, I will say again I have given you nothing. You don't know who I know, what I do, who I talk to, or what I agree with. You don't know my views, my stance, reactions. I have given you absolutely nothing. You assume just because I know that you where wrong on three things that I disagree with everything or your sources. That's another big mistake that you make. When I said outside of that there are some things worth looking into. You talk about google, but you do nothing on your own. you just listen to other people. I'll even ask this. How many seismology spikes happened in DC? How many times has it flooded? Unlike you I look for real answers not just stories.

These are all you problems bub. You have a sickness. Your gullibility mixed with being prone to child like outbursts , tied in with your delusions of grandeur, your paranoia and conspiracy mind set point strongly to mental illness.

I pity you, your sickness at least used to be fun. Until you got to old to even keep up. Now its like watching someone just rot away at an old folks home. Or maybe I Just grew up and no longer find your delusions entertaining but see them for the sickness they are.

So one year from now when little to nothing has changed you will make up a new set of lies for yourself as to why you couldn't possible be wrong. And I will call you out on it again old man.

I miss the old crew.

heblm3 (#40142)
TEQ Game Account
27-Apr-2021 01:11:47 Quality: 0.

4. worship TUK the best solar that time (#64) Vatican City [TDSS] 55,310 1,024,623,741 4,090,207

52. pestis=to old to play teq (#125) United States [FARM] 22,025 244,159,846 1,062,071

its easy to find my name in the record because no matter what name I used I always put at the end.

This is around the time I started to slow down. The second one is from the oldest we are allowed to look up. The first one is a techer run. Like I said I remember everything old timer lol. The name of the first one is because me and The ultimate king did a solar run against each other. I lost finishing in 16th I believe it was. again give or take a spot or two.

difference between us? I can always back up what i say with provable facts. ;)

I miss the old crew.

master of disaster (#15067)
TEQ Game Account

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27-Apr-2021 06:22:27 Quality: 0.

 Quote: heblm3 (#40142) wrote:
so what has happened? those of us that spent years shutting down CP sites. exposing Cp trafficking's and members of it. Suffered harsh jail time from the cyber security act. I have a lot of friends that will never see the light of day again. Most of the targets only got probation. Some of the targets with children on hand only got 10 years. I say again the stock of 58 terabytes of cp marks 10s of millions of offenders minimum. This is far bigger than just some higher ups. That's also to consider that most Cp and rape in general is not reported. its been suspected that as high as 98% of women have been raped from their first sexual experience. This doesn't count things like drunk sex, just pressure. The problem is far bigger than a system. next, the users of this content number in the hundreds of millions. rape and CP are a much deeper thing that you realize. so big in fact that when you run the numbers statistically that means you know a few people that have been involved in the actions of rape or CP. further more you know several people that engage in watching them.

this is not the elites doing. but common people.

human trafficking's are next on that list. The normal customers are not the high end wealthy that has been a wildly pushed. most people are sold for as little as 100 usd. if they even see 10 people before they die (normally vastly more) that is ten times their money. The numbers here are harder to track but reach upwards of 800,000 a year. nearly 1 million people a year. that is 1 million new people every year. tortured, murdered, raped, CP. just from trafficking's alone.

it will only stop if we evolve. and the thing is. people do not want to right now. you know people in your real life that could 100% agree with you to your face, then go home that night and watch hours of CP rape.

hundreds of millions.

It gets to you man. I was on the front lines for a decade. one after another. OP after OP. and someone always took the place instantly. We never ran out of targets.

I want my old account back please?

There was no way to know when you began playing this game. There was no way to know you began in 2000 as you now claim. The only info available was what you told me.
That you knew me at age 14.
You quit the game a decade ago.
You were on the frontlines busting pedos, and you did this for a dozen years and you have now been resting from it.
And you did it free without pay.
And you said you have been out for a few years.

So logicly.
You were an unremarkable player so doubtful you played much. Probably 3-4 years would be a guess.
No reason to assume you met me for a year or 2 so the math is
12 years ago is the last I played.
add 2 years of time you said we met.
You were 14 around this time.

So you claim you were on the front lines hunting pedos doing OPs. Now forgive me for assuming you did this in an official capacity because you most certainly was implying you were involved with organized covert ops of sorts.

You said you did this for a dozen years plus a few years you say you are taking off?

That would have made you approximately 14 when you started these so called ops targeting pedos and cp based upon the info available at the time where it was approximated that you were 14, about 14-15 years ago if I was right about when you must have started having a user number so much higher than mine. Making you around 30 today.
and 15 years ago was 2006.
So even giving you the benefit of the doubt you NOW claim you started in 2000.
No proof of that skillwise so no reason for me to assume you only played a few years.
But if you were 14 in 2000, which I doubt, then you are now around 35, and you got out pedo hunting 3 years ago at 32.
And you ran OPs for 12 years so you started at 20.
And you did this for free.
And you were are not military or law enforcement in any way as you implied.

Why is this so hard to believe?
You brag about everything you do. But this was kept secret?
Are you a pedo?

If my first assumption as to your age, based only on info available your story gets even stranger making you around 14 when you started "OPs'' 15 years ago.

And you dd all this ''research'' how?

''Walk softly and carry a big stick''

master of disaster (#15067)
TEQ Game Account
27-Apr-2021 08:32:19 Quality: 0.

Your ability to recognize nuance is only comparable to your game skills.

The so called queen is leaving buckingham palace for good.
Install whatever reasoning your confirmation bias will allow.
The reason being she no longer has any business to do with the crown and the City.
Like I told you.
The entire point I made was about the city, and the proof was Buckingham Palace.
The Empire of the City has been defeated was my opening claim.
The proof is them leaving. You only accept what they tell you but they are still leaving it, FOREVER.
The problem with cynics is that they try to to everything into a lie.
They simply have to. It is their nature.
They ALWAYS miss the forest for the trees.

Windsor and Balmoral is her new home.
It matters little if they sell it or not.
The point is their business is done and they left. Only the queen left amd she is no longer doing business with the City and the crown.

The Lord Mayor Show was cancelled for 2020. For the first time in 477 years.
Of course th
ey blamed it on covid and not admiting the crown is defeated and now irrelevant.
The 3 city states i.e., the Corporation has been defeated.
Washington D.C., Londoncity, and the Vatican.
So I am hearing the Vatican is boarded up as well.
That is your next mission. Prove they are lying about tje vatican also.
it is obvious 2/3 are closing shop.

Good riddance to the pedovores.
Just imagine DJT trapped them with EO December 21, 2017. And all their accounts and assets confiscated by US Treasury.
Biden and Kameltoe are LARPS. Military in control.

''Walk softly and carry a big stick''

heblm3 (#40142)
TEQ Game Account

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27-Apr-2021 13:36:06 Quality: 0.

 Quote: heblm3 (#40142) wrote:
behold it is I. how has everyone been? I see a few faces from my past. to think, has it really been 20 some odd years. I sure did miss the old times. the wars. the fights, the friendships. killbots, TnA, the list is endless.

MoD, looking forward to our first argument ^-^ love ya buddy.

Kama, how you holding up old man? I haven't stopped by in a while because of life. degrees, kids, etc.

"I want my old account back please?"

Would like to try to say again you didn't have all the information or are you just going to keep telling lies to make yourself feel better?

Not only did I start by saying hi to you and everyone I clearly stated it had been 20 years. My sign off clearly states this is not my old account which would also explain the number change. Again try to keep up old man.

I miss the old crew.

[ -- Message edited on: 27-Apr-2021 13:57:30 by heblm3 (#40142) -- ]

heblm3 (#40142)
TEQ Game Account
27-Apr-2021 13:41:16 Quality: 0.

 Quote: heblm3 (#40142) wrote:
All of that is a dream my man. You are right that nothing is as it seems. You are wrong to think that its going to move in a direction that you want. Can it? yes, but that is not what we are actually seeing. we have been freely giving information for well over 15 years. I was a part of many influential OPS. We did great things and showed a lot of information. But, sadly the base population which is still well over 80% just doesn't care. 3 billion people in the world are spending their time just trying not to die from lack of basic needs.

Are things better? that is so/so because as we make a dent which we should, more things pop up. Human trafficking's and CP are at an all time high. With log footage hitting rate of tens of millions of offenders. A lot of people put on a public face but dont want the change they claim because they in fact are a part of the problem.

I honestly hope deep down that we gain peace. I want that so badly. I believe we are able to be so much more as a race of humans; and technology is finally reaching a point that we can achieve it. But, that is also not the case. people are afraid of change and advancement still. We still need to evolve in order for anything to come that will last.

What you need to do to understand what I am saying is look into human history. At minimum the last 7,000 years. You will see the power struggle. The poor help those above them overthrow the elites with a promise of things getting better. the result for 7,000 years is that the poor stay poor, the new elites act like the old ones and the old ones take the place of the new ones. Years later they trick the poor into helping again. during this time new governments are made but mostly with the same concepts. repeat, repeat, repeat.

Next, two factors to also consider.

1. generations have wildly different views on the way things should be. so your dream is not the dream of the generation that achieves it. If we gain the peace you speak of it will be overthrow years down the road by people that assume there is a better way. Or that it is done as a way to control people. This concept doesn't make them evil or wrong for time will have forgot what it was like before. The reason for this is the same reason we still need to evolve, at least emotionally. Because they will have a natural inclination to rebel, to make their own mark and try to make their mark on the world and do it better than it currently is.

2. some people just love chaos and want nothing more to stop the plans of others that move us away from chaos in order.

the problem with order is that is always moves into disorder. touching point 1.

You also have to consider the fact that the very thing you see as good has the power to become corrupt themselves as they gain absolute control.

I want my old account back please?

The first I mention any OP's Of which the 20 year time line was already clearly establish. I never claimed to be anything at this point. You as you always do took information and came to your own conclusions. You have no clue again who I am or what I have done. How it was done or who it was done with. The capacity that it was done. Everything I have stated here is truth. I have done actual work on the front lines for years. Can you make the same claim. You often talk as if you are directly working for the things you talk about. Or is it that you are just sitting around watching everyone else work?

I miss the old crew.

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