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heblm3 (#40142)
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22-Jun-2021 04:31:36 Quality: 0.

 Quote: master of disaster (#15067) wrote:
 Quote: heblm3 (#40142) wrote:
 Quote: master of disaster (#15067) wrote:
Ok. Let us vett you now.
Since I know for a FACT that child psychologists were used to cover-up the McMartin daycare case and hide the SRA (!@$#*ic ritual abuse){s a t a n i c} found there and from the children's testimonies.
I knew Ted Gundersen. I know the truth and have for decades.
Your "professional opinion"
Did all those children lie?
Did Ted Gundersen lie that in later excavations of the site tunnels WERE found (just one of the proofs the children were telling the truth)

Or did the psychologists lie to cover it up?

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Pass the popcorn

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it is hard to post here for me almost always from a cheap small phone. I am so low tech

Then add to the strange autoocensor stuff that hides it unless I go back and reread. But froomm a small phone and eyesight fading a little I miss things.

it censors
s a t a n
and also
b i t c h.

for the latter it censored all my liinks to '''b i t c hute''
There was some good uncensored info there.

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This question I will answer, the best I can. Mind you I know of the history but this was before my active time I was not born yet to like 10 when he was doing some of his biggest movements. ( coving up to 95)

We have known for years that psychologists have done monstrous things. They are human and like other humans easy to corrupt and control. Most people will turn their back on everything they believe in with one easy line from someone powerful "I will kill your children". That is normally enough to make anyone do anything. And that isn't even addressing people that are just evil. Some people just use their position to do horrible things and hide it.

So do I believe that powerful people could make psychologists lie, without question.

And No I do not believe Ted lied about everything. I question some of his claims but that was his fight and he believed in it.

Each man picks up their own fight. In their fight they focus where they need to. even if he was right about 100% of it all. That would still be a very small part of my fight. It's not the government that is the biggest worker in trafficking's, CP, etc.

I and many other people know this. Which is why I said you are wrong from the start and that the things you are talking about will not stop it. There are not enough people that believe like us yet. And a lot more people that engage in these actions.

We just took a big step towards common ground.
I will do my best till prompted to further this topic without any personal judgements.

Elaborate on S R A if you will

This was what was covered up.
After wikileaks and the comet pizza, Elefantes, podesta, spirit cooking exposure this is no longer theory.
It was covered up. Through institutions.

And I beg to differ on this.
Not only will we uncover it all. This 4000 year old death cult and ritual sacrifice crowd will be exposed and exterminated by The Great Awakening taking place now, not later.
By the militaries of the world as we speak.

My big fear is that we lose more in the end if the military does not relinquish power back to civilian control once cleared.
They just blew a D.U.M.B. off the coast of Florida said to be a central hub for trafficking.
The underground wars have been fought with "the invisible enemy" from the beginning of the lockdown under the cover of "covid"

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That would be the problem MoD they wont. That is why I said this is not going to play out how you want it to.

I told you this has all happened before. It is not 4000 years but much longer. The keys of Solomon taught us that alone. And from that, two groups that have handed down information about human history since before him.

We have seen this time and time again. The middle ground use the poor(that doesn't mean money) to overthrow the top. The top moves to middle and the poor stay the same. The system starts over again. This will be the 6th reset.

Sophia kleis!!

Ripper (#5)
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22-Jun-2021 04:43:18 Quality: 0.

heblm, can you elaborate on the two groups you're talking about.
master of disaster (#15067)
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22-Jun-2021 09:36:15 Quality: 0.

ok this is getting really crazy.

That website I wanted opinions on.
in it it has a section called future reading.
books written by Ingersol lockwood in the 1800's called ''the last president'' and a couple of books about baron trump and his journeys.

And now they bring Russel Jay Gould into all this?

My mind is blown.
I mean seriously my mind is blown.
I do not have a clue what is going on now.

This thread unrolled here

Mind blown

master of disaster (#15067)
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22-Jun-2021 09:43:55 Quality: 0.

I talked about Russel Jay Gould 12 years ago here.
The Federal-Postmaster_General,Quantum Grammar stuff.
This is the guy that I think defeated the Crown with what he figured out in quantum grammar and its importance for legal and lawful constructs.

It sounded crazy 12 years ago and getting even crazier.

Find any interview you can find with RJG. You will never regret it.

Mind blown

I love this timeline

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master of disaster (#15067)
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22-Jun-2021 17:55:17 Quality: 0.

(Remove the 3 dots)

Here is a good synopsis of what happened with RJG and David Wynn Miller.

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Yuri (#3268)
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22-Jun-2021 22:47:16 Quality: 0.

 Quote: Ripper (#5) wrote:
heblm, can you elaborate on the two groups you're talking about.

I second that request.

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Ripper (#5)
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23-Jun-2021 01:18:21 Quality: 0.

Hey mod,

I believe you said earlier that you changed your mind on Trump and think he is part of the plan and we have won. Why did he push forward vaccines and allow big pharma to gain immunity then? We are seeing alot of negative effects from the jab and more people are speaking out, yet Trump never wavered on his vaccine position even promoting them recently. So is it your opinion that all the reports of myocarditis and other reactions are phony and the vaccines are all placebos?

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master of disaster (#15067)
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23-Jun-2021 05:49:40 Quality: 0.

This is almost a dealbreaker for me.
I have been an antivaxxer for 30 years.
Since I read Dr. Robert Mendehlsonn's book " Confessions of a Medical heretic"

When Ron Paul ran for Prez and Donald Trump switched from the dem iparty and was showing up to the tea party events I thought he was a poser.
He had a bad name in Las Vegas where I lived because Steve Wynn had a beef with him and Wynn was a State hero.
I would say about him and others, "he's no Ron Paul.

But what we got from Trump turns out to be 1000 times greater than if Ron Paul got elected.
I could not be more pleased.
I believe something happened to him while on the campaign trail.
He had people from all over the country coming up to him telling him how much hope he gave them, how much they loved him.
He started out as something good and maybe great.
But he became something more in our minds and in his as well.

Ok the vac thing.
My short answer is I had to perform mental gymnastics reasoning it out. I told everyone of how big an antivaxxer he and Melania are and no way would he ...yadayadayada...
What has been said is Trump hates the vaccine industry, big pharma and the fda. Considers them powerful, dangerous and corrupt.
That it is said Barron is/was autistic from being damaged from vaccines when he was a kid.
This is why Barron is kept away from press and speaking.
It is also said the kid is genius.

What I saw, and I was watching and listening, is Trump started with all those press conferences where he would talk of all those options we had available to us.
Light, blood detergents, Hydroxychloroquine + zinc, Ivermectin, etc...
And he nor Melania got vax'd.

He also demanded from the vac companies that the vac cannot be worse than the disease. And it is!!
In order for the fda to give the no indemnity exemption it must be an emergency and there must be no other option but the vax.

I believe he most definitely proved there were options as Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine are now being touted as highly effective.
There is no way the fad should have given exemptions knowing what we now know after 9000 of Fauxci's emails have been released as they show they knew Ivermectin was effective as well as Hydroxychloroquine but had Gates and Zuckerburg help cover it up in order to get the exemption.

To the gallows they go. All their assets are or will be confiscated.

As for Trump.....mental gymnastics...pretzel logic...
I have to wonder what he knew....
I know for a fact that with big tech censoring and the media complicant with big pharma, the WHO and the CDC Trump gets skewered if he calls them out early, puts his foot down and halts vaccines.

Dang, the entire thing was over seasonal flu.
They played on people's fear and it works.
It was a very powerful psyop.

I am guessing they knew the future from "looking glass" and knew there was nothing they could do to stop big pharma, big tech, big banks, big corporations, and absolute control over msm and social media from pushing this plandemic.
Just the name bugs me. Pandemic.
Without the media it would be an epidemic. But how can you have an epidemic if most everyone is asymptomatic?
For a pandemic you need the media to hype the panic.

I think the strategy was based on the belief they knew they could not stop it.
There are a few looking glass thingies out there from what I gather.
What the Saudis have is a room full of super computers all hooked up.
They run scenarios through it and get future outcomes.
It allows them to find ways to twerk outcomes by manipulating events.
In the Sword dance ritual in S.A. Trump, Melania, The king and Prince Mohammed all put their hands on a ball of light and looked up at the screen.
That was looking glass.
They were watching their futures.

I think it was concluded the pandemic was part of the timeline and unavoidable due to the collusion of so many powerful entities commited to it.

What I think he did was force the timeline. We were going to get the reset under lockdown.
They intended to lock us all down globally for 5 years as they would claim mutations and the need for forced vaccinations.

The intended to release 5g which with the crap in the vaccines is the bioweapon.
This was all to culminate in 2030. We were to be locked down that long.
They have the BIG bioweapon that worked with 5g and soil that was the Climate Change pandemic that was to destroy most crops and ALL livestock.
They want us to give up beef and poultry for lab grown meat.

This bioweapon had been worked on for 30 years and had another 30 years leading up to 2050 when they culminate their plans (agenda2021, agenda2030, agenda 2050).

Trump forced their hand to where they had to fire all their bullets before they were ready.
Their plans for the pandemic and 2030 got played early and they are getting exposed.

That big shipping container that got stuck in the Suez Canal, the Ever Given, was a white hat operation.
Russian Navy had the Mediterranean secured and the US Navy was on the other side.
They not only rescued children but they confiscated the bioweapon Bill Gates had been working on that was planned for 2050.

To use a playteq analogy. The WH's forced them to act long before they had the Super Structures built when they were vulnerable.

This is how important the EO from Dec. 21,2017 for Crimes against Humanity and Human Trafficking is.

None of them could wait. Michael Flynn knew it all.
Trump was going to confiscate all their assets and bank accounts as well as send them to the gallows destroying the oligarchs generational wealth and control

He forced their hand and they only had till Nov.3 2020 to stop him.

See, gymnastics.

He scared the crap out of them and ran a sting on the election where there was another EO from 2018 for foreign interference in our elections...which caused them to commit acts of treason.

I am such an antivaxxer.... I hate this part.

I knew nobody that had covid or died from covid or even knew anyone that knew somebody. The label was given but they all had underlying illnesses that got labeled cv.

But the vaccine is different. I know people dead and damaged from the vaccine. This !@$#s me up

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master of disaster (#15067)
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23-Jun-2021 05:51:18 Quality: 0.

I think the vaccines are so dangerous that 2/3's of them are placebos

That's why there is a need for 2 doses and 2-3 follow up shots.

They had to stop the animal testing phase of testing because in every study ALL THE ANIMALS DIED

We are still in the testing phase

From what I read all will go sterile from it

And the vax'd

are shedding the spike protein.
They are the super spreaders.
By next year teachers who are vaxed will no be allowed near children.

!@$#ing Trump
I am really pissed.

I do not know of a single person I have influenced or convinced against the vax. Even the masks...wt? Man

I have no idea what I think Trump could have done.
How can Fauci and Bill Gates have this much clout and credibility?

Without the great awakening first, people love their masters and believe them to the point of faxing their children.

!@$#ing Trump...I am pissed.
But I know he hates them more than I gymnastics

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master of disaster (#15067)
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23-Jun-2021 06:45:32 Quality: 0.

The best documentary of the pizzagate stuff and all the institutions tied together.
Some of it is very heavy and graphic.

I could not watch the parts with John of god.

It is this stuff that came out early that forced all of them to fall in the traps.

They know this is the one subject the normies will not let blow over. This is the one subject we cannot forget.
(remove the 3 dots)

40 million people trafficked ww every year
5.5 million children every year

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