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heblm3 (#40142)
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31-May-2021 03:46:17 Quality: 0.

 Quote: master of disaster (#15067) wrote:
 Quote: heblm3 (#40142) wrote:
Hey MoD why don't you tell everyone how you thought narcissist was "Narcicist?".

You know since you are never wrong. aaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnndddd spend so much time doing research. Time and time again. Couldn't even call me the right thing lol.

Does so little research he can't even spell his own insults.

Now stop beating woman and go get yourself help.

i admit that day I was trolling you by phone while driving and working.
you got me...
Tell me you do not get in a hurry texting when you are trolling for kids???
having said that, it is obvious that you are. Most pedos are actually

Like right now for instance.
Once Pez posted and I replied TO HIM, you insist we focus on you.
My topic is and has been the pedophiles and pedovores being exposed and taken out.
That seems to offend you as much as it stimulates your need for attention.

You definately seem fixated and obsessed with me. I told you I am not gay... and you yourself said I am too old for you. way too old actually. Though I do not think it right I do understand you have preferences.
do NPC's get lonely?
That tactic might work for you with children but dang you are boring and simple

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[ -- Message edited on: 31-May-2021 01:22:49 by master of disaster (#15067) -- ]

Even more lies and this time has to be your worst attempt yet. It was wrong on multiple posts from multiple different time stamps.

Everything you said is a lie. You have been exposed. From that you will never get your way again.

You can't troll because you are to slow. You just flat out don't know how to read. Just like when you lied and said you didn't have all the information and kept making up your own numbers to support your own claims.

You made this all about you when you couldn't simply say "I'm sorry I was wrong, I missed that it was my mistake. I take back what I said."

but like a child you tried to hide your failure in basic reading comprehension by turning it on me. By attacking me personally and calling me a PEDO. By saying I haven't done any of the work I was talking about etc.

You sir are a coward. You always have been. When you don't get your way you cry like a baby and try to deflect everything.

You are a classic gaslighter. which stands that you beat woman.

At very worst, you try to troll as you just admitted. Which is among the worst kid of people. You try to hurt others for fun, that is what a troll is.

So now as I sated before you have very real very clear mental problems. And, you yourself just admitted to them. Because no well adjusted healthy adult trolls.

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heblm3 (#40142)
TEQ Game Account
31-May-2021 03:50:29 Quality: 0.

Next, to expose you even more. You edited the posts that the mistake is on. So you took the time to correct errors but not the biggest error on the post?

No one is falling for that my guy.

You fixed the error in your post but didn't fix the error in that word posted multiple times?

Get real dude.

caught in yet another lie.

You thought that is how the word is supposed to be and I called you out on it. simple enough. But once again instead of admitting that you got something wrong. You have to lie and try to cover it up. " I was driving, working ,and beating woman, that is why it was wrong."

No it is wrong because you didn't know the right way.

Now you lied again and got caught.

heblm3 (#40142)
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31-May-2021 03:55:18 Quality: 0.

 Quote: master of disaster (#15067) wrote:
 Quote: heblm3 (#40142) wrote:
so what has happened? those of us that spent years shutting down CP sites. exposing Cp trafficking's and members of it. Suffered harsh jail time from the cyber security act. I have a lot of friends that will never see the light of day again. Most of the targets only got probation. Some of the targets with children on hand only got 10 years. I say again the stock of 58 terabytes of cp marks 10s of millions of offenders minimum. This is far bigger than just some higher ups. That's also to consider that most Cp and rape in general is not reported. its been suspected that as high as 98% of women have been raped from their first sexual experience. This doesn't count things like drunk sex, just pressure. The problem is far bigger than a system. next, the users of this content number in the hundreds of millions. rape and CP are a much deeper thing that you realize. so big in fact that when you run the numbers statistically that means you know a few people that have been involved in the actions of rape or CP. further more you know several people that engage in watching them.

this is not the elites doing. but common people.

human trafficking's are next on that list. The normal customers are not the high end wealthy that has been a wildly pushed. most people are sold for as little as 100 usd. if they even see 10 people before they die (normally vastly more) that is ten times their money. The numbers here are harder to track but reach upwards of 800,000 a year. nearly 1 million people a year. that is 1 million new people every year. tortured, murdered, raped, CP. just from trafficking's alone.

it will only stop if we evolve. and the thing is. people do not want to right now. you know people in your real life that could 100% agree with you to your face, then go home that night and watch hours of CP rape.

hundreds of millions.

It gets to you man. I was on the front lines for a decade. one after another. OP after OP. and someone always took the place instantly. We never ran out of targets.

I want my old account back please?

There was no way to know when you began playing this game. There was no way to know you began in 2000 as you now claim. The only info available was what you told me.
That you knew me at age 14.
You quit the game a decade ago.
You were on the frontlines busting pedos, and you did this for a dozen years and you have now been resting from it.
And you did it free without pay.
And you said you have been out for a few years.

So logicly.
You were an unremarkable player so doubtful you played much. Probably 3-4 years would be a guess.
No reason to assume you met me for a year or 2 so the math is
12 years ago is the last I played.
add 2 years of time you said we met.
You were 14 around this time.

So you claim you were on the front lines hunting pedos doing OPs. Now forgive me for assuming you did this in an official capacity because you most certainly was implying you were involved with organized covert ops of sorts.

You said you did this for a dozen years plus a few years you say you are taking off?

That would have made you approximately 14 when you started these so called ops targeting pedos and cp based upon the info available at the time where it was approximated that you were 14, about 14-15 years ago if I was right about when you must have started having a user number so much higher than mine. Making you around 30 today.
and 15 years ago was 2006.
So even giving you the benefit of the doubt you NOW claim you started in 2000.
No proof of that skillwise so no reason for me to assume you only played a few years.
But if you were 14 in 2000, which I doubt, then you are now around 35, and you got out pedo hunting 3 years ago at 32.
And you ran OPs for 12 years so you started at 20.
And you did this for free.
And you were are not military or law enforcement in any way as you implied.

Why is this so hard to believe?
You brag about everything you do. But this was kept secret?
Are you a pedo?

If my first assumption as to your age, based only on info available your story gets even stranger making you around 14 when you started "OPs'' 15 years ago.

And you dd all this ''research'' how?

''Walk softly and carry a big stick''


heblm3 (#40142)
TEQ Game Account
31-May-2021 03:59:02 Quality: 0.

 Quote: heblm3 (#40142) wrote:
behold it is I. how has everyone been? I see a few faces from my past. to think, has it really been 20 some odd years. I sure did miss the old times. the wars. the fights, the friendships. killbots, TnA, the list is endless.

MoD, looking forward to our first argument ^-^ love ya buddy.

Kama, how you holding up old man? I haven't stopped by in a while because of life. degrees, kids, etc.

I want my old account back please?

"there was no way to know"

Right? You didn't have the information right?

You edited the post with the error multiple times over hours in a single day but knew it was wrong?

Your pseudo-intellect is showing big guy.

I have caught you in lie after lie after lie after lie.

After false information

because unlike you I actually do work in the areas you try to talk about. and, for some reason that kills you.

Now go back to your basement couch where the useless belong and leave the real work to the men.

heblm3 (#40142)
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31-May-2021 04:01:39 Quality: 0.

 Quote: master of disaster (#15067) wrote:
You have lost your mind

This is what narcicism looks like.

You want all this about you. You want attention.
Oops almost forgot
20 years of watching cp ate your brain
Are you a pedo?

Edit: add the fact that I have not been here for 12 years or so

[ -- Message edited on: 28-Apr-2021 15:48:37 by master of disaster (#15067) -- ]

wrong and edited

heblm3 (#40142)
TEQ Game Account
31-May-2021 04:02:50 Quality: 0.

 Quote: master of disaster (#15067) wrote:
Failed narcicism becomes schizophrania

Edit: add the fact that I have not been here for 12 years or so

wrong again 1 hour later

heblm3 (#40142)
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31-May-2021 04:03:24 Quality: 0.

 Quote: master of disaster (#15067) wrote:
How narcicistic of you
Child Porn has fried your senses

Edit: add the fact that I have not been here for 12 years or so

wrong again even more hours later.

heblm3 (#40142)
TEQ Game Account
31-May-2021 04:05:39 Quality: 0.

 Quote: master of disaster (#15067) wrote:
Let me point out 1 simple fact.
I brought facts
You brought speculation.
But you project that as being me.
How can we prove this?
I post links
You post your opinion.
In every post you have made you demand we all accept your opinion ONLY.
And your proofs are examples of why YOU are the authority to trust.
And in every post you fixate on me.

You have not provided 1 source to support your tomfoolery.

Just pure narcicism.

Let us not pretend I am joking about calling you out as a pedo.
Your timelines do not add up with your claims you ran OPs for 10-13 years (now you claim 20).
The only OPs you have admitted to is you watched child porn for (20) years. I am guessing based upon nuance you were researching.

Are you a pedo?
It is actually tied to your narcism.
Me personally I tried to avoid your stupidity trying to make me the topic.
My posts clearly show that if you look past my falling for your bait where I only responded to you out of context to the topics I raised here.
But your narcicism demands this thread be about you.
You obviously need and crave attention.
Is that why you naturally do better conversing with children? They believe you and listen to you giving you all their attention?
Your story about running OPS FOR a decade, or 20 years if you insist, tells this narrative quite well.
Are you a pedo.

Narcicist? YES
Schizo? Probably
Pedo? It sure looks like it

Edit: add the fact that I have not been here for 12 years or so

wrong multiple times yet again.

The lies are so easy to see dude. It is wild to think that you honestly believe you can get away with them.

heblm3 (#40142)
TEQ Game Account

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31-May-2021 04:05:54 Quality: 0.

master of disaster (#15067)
TEQ Game Account
31-May-2021 04:11:30 Quality: 0.


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