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master of disaster (#15067)
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26-Apr-2021 08:55:00 Quality: 0.

then it must be something else. Sorry to tell you, I am not gay. I just do not swing that way.
I have nothing I am attempting to engage you in. I do not have time for the weak !@$# dude.

You keep talking about we.
Who is we? You think too highly of yourself. It is just you. Pez didn't even waste time with you. He adressed me. Yet you responded.
Claiming you were a drunk was actually giving you the benefit of the doubt.
I am not a topic unless you are gay

You offered middle ground?
I am obviously not conversing with you at all. These topics I have addressed are looking to be over your head. You simply have yet to string 2 thoughts together in order to make a point. You just want to talk about me. Why? Have you been fantasizing about me for over a decade? Really?
I spin your pinwheel?

Dude get your house in order the time is nigh.
Read a book, watch a movie... but do not think anyone here is a we for you. Retardation is not a team sport. I am not here for low intel bickering over how you must be sooooooo smart because ...because I am not.
Of you have to shill and troll off of me for your chance to show others how smart and noble you are by trolling me...well. What a small world you live in. small and sad and very pathetic.
How small?

Dude I stayed away from this low intelligence crap for a decade. I chose to post here, on a message board long forgotten by everyone or anyone who has a life. I chose to post these here on a thread not of my own with a title that would draw any attention to myself or the topics I shared. I made no personal thing at all for attention.
I could not have chosen a more obscure and tiny tiny tiny corner on the entire internet where I could find less notoriety if I tried to find it. Nope not a smaller audience on the entire net. For you to feel you can judge me, my motives or the info I share makes me curious who you are trying to impress??? You keep referencing a "we" that you are appealing to.
Dude. There could not be a smaller audience on the entire internet than page 8 on a thread by mal on an unused message board within a forgotten game that has 8 people playing.

And with all I shared you only want to talk to me.

Dude, how pathetic does your life have to get to where you obsess over me in such an isolated setting?

I gave you the benefit of the doubt thinking you were obsessing on me because you are a lonely drunk.
How pathetic is your life?
Maybe being a drunk is a step up for you, socially

And still here you are. You found me..... Dude I am not gay. It was easier to think you are a drunk. The other alternatives for what your motives are

''Walk softly and carry a big stick''

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master of disaster (#15067)
TEQ Game Account
26-Apr-2021 09:58:23 Quality: 0.

dude I gotta tell you. I do not like interacting with you. I have not been acknowledging any of your lazy and low intel attempts at superficial glory you seek at my expense... I mean dude. You have, at best, impressing maybe 2 people out of the entire internet here.

How pathetic for you.

I began being couteous to you but you are a hostile adversarial jerk that pretends google is due diligence. I am offended by wasting this much time already.
I seriously do not intend on conversing with you. Simply an exercize in futility.

But obviously you hear that alot irl.
What else could bring you here daily for an audience of 1 or 2?

Like I said I gave you the benefit of the doubt of being a lonely drunk.
And I am not gay
And I am certainly and obviously not posting anything you could understand that you couldn't learn better from google.
Who are you trying to impress? I am not gay
Can you provide a list for who ''we'' is?
I think you feel you are smarter than you are....or drunk.... Like I said I gave you the benefit of the doubt.

How come stupid people always believe they are smart?

I am not here trying to impress 3 people.
And you just want to talk about me

''Walk softly and carry a big stick''

heblm3 (#40142)
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26-Apr-2021 18:41:52 Quality: 0.

Wow lol what a delusional temper tantrum you just had. The amount of time you said you are not gay makes it seem like you must be. Has that been your problem your whole life? Imagine being 50, nearly dead and having a temper tantrum online lol. I'm addressing you because you are the one that is talking. As you would in any debate. Who should I address? No one? I've done that as well and you directed it to you because you seek attention for your regurgitation of other peoples speculations. wonder what it would be like if you could think for yourself? So not only is what you believe wrong it not even something you thought of yourself. How about not living on the backs of other lunatics' and do some work yourself.

I've not offered anything of myself minus the example of the work I have done in one section. So you have no idea who or what you are talking to. You are offended because you are wrong nothing more. I've pointed out 3 times already you are completely wrong. That has made you revert to a primitive brain. Your cognitive dissidence has kicked in because you can't handle the real truth. Your small fragile world was shattered.

So now because you are wrong all you can do is try to belittle me and call me names. However, I'm not emotional and unstable like you seem to be. You are also no longer dealing with a 14 year old. So you cannot make me lash out. Because you just don't matter. What I don't like is entitled brain washed people just running around telling lies. So I will call you out for it. And I will hold you accountable for every garbage lie you toss out. Doesn't matter if its to 8 billion people or just to me.

You have been wrong three times already. Keep the count growing.

Some people just like to live on the lower end. lol

stop being such a baby old man.

I miss the old crew.

master of disaster (#15067)
TEQ Game Account
26-Apr-2021 18:58:47 Quality: 0.

Not mod.
I am not gay. You do not interest me and your delusions are your own.
You live in a small world.
When I quit posting do you still exist?
If you investigated anything I posted you do not show it.
It just makes you stupid.
I noticed you glossed over my claims you are exhibiting stolen valor.
Nothing in your posts exhibits character or knowledge r wisdom.
You just pose attempting to steal from others work and due diligence. A troll with an audience of 2.
You claimed you rescued children for 20 years and yet you claim now you were 14 10 years ago.
You are an empty shell and are seeking attention here
This only has me temporarily captivated like watching a slow motion train wreck.
If you do not drink obsessively.... Does those that need to check in on you know you quit taking your medication?
Tell us more about how you rescue children without pay for 20 years.
Start a thread on it.
I will participate in it just to give you some of my attention that you now crave and obsess on

''Walk softly and carry a big stick''

master of disaster (#15067)
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26-Apr-2021 19:10:45 Quality: 0.

 Quote: heblm3 (#40142) wrote:
so what has happened? those of us that spent years shutting down CP sites. exposing Cp trafficking's and members of it. Suffered harsh jail time from the cyber security act. I have a lot of friends that will never see the light of day again. Most of the targets only got probation. Some of the targets with children on hand only got 10 years. I say again the stock of 58 terabytes of cp marks 10s of millions of offenders minimum. This is far bigger than just some higher ups. That's also to consider that most Cp and rape in general is not reported. its been suspected that as high as 98% of women have been raped from their first sexual experience. This doesn't count things like drunk sex, just pressure. The problem is far bigger than a system. next, the users of this content number in the hundreds of millions. rape and CP are a much deeper thing that you realize. so big in fact that when you run the numbers statistically that means you know a few people that have been involved in the actions of rape or CP. further more you know several people that engage in watching them.

this is not the elites doing. but common people.

human trafficking's are next on that list. The normal customers are not the high end wealthy that has been a wildly pushed. most people are sold for as little as 100 usd. if they even see 10 people before they die (normally vastly more) that is ten times their money. The numbers here are harder to track but reach upwards of 800,000 a year. nearly 1 million people a year. that is 1 million new people every year. tortured, murdered, raped, CP. just from trafficking's alone.

it will only stop if we evolve. and the thing is. people do not want to right now. you know people in your real life that could 100% agree with you to your face, then go home that night and watch hours of CP rape.

hundreds of millions.

It gets to you man. I was on the front lines for a decade. one after another. OP after OP. and someone always took the place instantly. We never ran out of targets.

I want my old account back please?

so you started when you were 14 and this was a decade you are about 26.
unless you ''were on the frontlines''. Unless you started younger than 14.
Something does not add up here.
So you are saying you were used as bait for years.
It sounds like you were exploited.
And you never got paid? You did it for fun?

''Walk softly and carry a big stick''

heblm3 (#40142)
TEQ Game Account
26-Apr-2021 19:14:22 Quality: 0.

Hahaha another lie I see. I thought you wouldn't be wasting anymore time with me? I thought you wouldn't be responding to me? You just can't stop telling lies can you?

Just as hard as it is for you to admit you are ever wrong. I pointed out more than enough information. Its not my problem you are just another low IQ troll from the net. Get your reading comprehension up some and you will understand a lot more. Not a single thing you said made sense haha.

I'll address it this way. Who said I was 14 ten years ago, you or me? I said I'm not longer 14 Where in you delusion soaked mind did you come up with that means ten years ago?

Now I see the real problem. between you low reading comprehension and delusions of grandeur you make up whatever you want when ever you fill like just to try to win. Even when you claim you will no longer respond because you don't care lol.

You are far to easy my guy. Like a small child.

I miss the old crew.

heblm3 (#40142)
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26-Apr-2021 20:36:35 Quality: 0.

Again your stupidity is showing in vast quantities. I said I was on the front lines for a decade. tell me where I said that was ten years ago or when?

next, I stated that I knew you when I was 14. tell me when that was 10 years ago as well? Have you gone senile in your old age? I started this game in 2000 like most of us. I was 14. I meet you here around that time give or take a year. I stopped playing in my early 20's as most did. I haven't been around for almost a decade. So if you had any cognitive ability you would know that you have known me for close to 20 years. But I guess you need some guy in a video to tell you that before you can understand stand it lol.

I worked in just one of the areas I talk about for a decade. I've taken the last 2 years off.

Not only do you have no idea what you are talking about, but you cant even understand basic logic.

This is a sad day. You are not even the MoD you used to be. You where wrong before but at least you used to be able to keep up with basic stuff. I mean it really makes me feel bad for you. What happened to you? It cant really just be old age can it? Some medical condition other than mental illness?

Now keep responding to me like you said you wouldn't. Don't you have anything else in life? I mean anything at all. lol

I miss the old crew.

master of disaster (#15067)
TEQ Game Account
26-Apr-2021 20:41:05 Quality: 0.

If you can do a man, you can do a child.
Is that what you are on about.
Is that where your story about rescuing children is coming from?
Are you a pedo?
heblm3 (#40142)
TEQ Game Account

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26-Apr-2021 21:51:20 Quality: 0.

Lol I love how every tie I prove you wrong you try to change the subject by belittling me. Yet your stupidity was shown again. Good job.

Also, nice to see you still responding to me like you said you wouldn't. So not only are you slow but I control you lol.

You must be in love with me since you where willing to sacrifice who you claim to be just to go against what you said you would do all for me hahah. nice job cupcake.
<3 <3 <3

And now even more so you don't even know what you are responding to. that was easy. Step up your game and come back when you can keep up and can be right on even one of yours claims lol.

I miss the old crew.

master of disaster (#15067)
TEQ Game Account
26-Apr-2021 22:36:37 Quality: 0.

You are right in that yes, I was leaving here as you most certainly did annoy me. I left this joint because I was being censored.
You have me at a disadvantage as I do not remember you at all.
I don't remember you competing in game at all. Nothing remarkable enough to remember you by.
I see you are a top 10 player now. Good that you stuck with it I guess.
But I do not remember you at all.
Everything I know about you has come from this thread.
I was done here but something hit me.
Your timelines and your claims do not add up.
And now all your args are what I first say about you.
Nothing but psychological projections As if you do not know how to act.
So you say you were on the front lines for 12 years and you met me when you were 14. And been out of it for 2.
That was the math available to me, which came from you.
And here you are trying to discredit me from talking about the pesos being taken out.
So yes. I SHIFTED gears on you. I did change my mind. I will address you and your nonsensical projections.
Watching child porn for 12 years is not "frontlines"
Are you a pedo?

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