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heblm3 (#40142)
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21-Apr-2021 14:06:12 Quality: 0.

We have used underground tunnels for hundreds of years. So it is very believable that we have a lot of them. in modern times underground tunnels have been being used to move from one location to another to avoid ground traffic and above ground transportation. Prison systems have used them for a while as well. To transport criminals from jail to the court room. Now did explosion's happen? Yes. How many? two. this isn't enough to cripple a tunnel system. You can cross check this with local seismology teams. An series underground explosion would register on their systems.

Trump didn't do a thing that he promised when it came to criminals. he literally said in reference to Hilary when they chanted lock her up " that was fun and it sounded good while we ran, but now that we have won we wont be doing that".

You give our last puppet to much credit. he was involved in everything. If he went against the system he would have been killed.

Most of the claims you are making sadly are just not happening.

bio-labs, clone facilities, these things are not bad.

torture, we have hundreds of black sites around the world.

underground cities will always be a thing. iron mountain is one of our biggest. They will stay. bill gates own a whole wing of iron mountain. they stored the "crashed" planes from 9/11 there.

Again focus on what has actually happened. thinking about what might happen is nice. but what might happen hardly ever does.

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heblm3 (#40142)
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21-Apr-2021 14:21:53 Quality: 0.

so what has happened? those of us that spent years shutting down CP sites. exposing Cp trafficking's and members of it. Suffered harsh jail time from the cyber security act. I have a lot of friends that will never see the light of day again. Most of the targets only got probation. Some of the targets with children on hand only got 10 years. I say again the stock of 58 terabytes of cp marks 10s of millions of offenders minimum. This is far bigger than just some higher ups. That's also to consider that most Cp and rape in general is not reported. its been suspected that as high as 98% of women have been raped from their first sexual experience. This doesn't count things like drunk sex, just pressure. The problem is far bigger than a system. next, the users of this content number in the hundreds of millions. rape and CP are a much deeper thing that you realize. so big in fact that when you run the numbers statistically that means you know a few people that have been involved in the actions of rape or CP. further more you know several people that engage in watching them.

this is not the elites doing. but common people.

human trafficking's are next on that list. The normal customers are not the high end wealthy that has been a wildly pushed. most people are sold for as little as 100 usd. if they even see 10 people before they die (normally vastly more) that is ten times their money. The numbers here are harder to track but reach upwards of 800,000 a year. nearly 1 million people a year. that is 1 million new people every year. tortured, murdered, raped, CP. just from trafficking's alone.

it will only stop if we evolve. and the thing is. people do not want to right now. you know people in your real life that could 100% agree with you to your face, then go home that night and watch hours of CP rape.

hundreds of millions.

It gets to you man. I was on the front lines for a decade. one after another. OP after OP. and someone always took the place instantly. We never ran out of targets.

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Yuri (#3268)
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21-Apr-2021 16:20:24 Quality: 0.

I don't believe, nor agree, with the 98% of women having been raped.

As to the whole CP issue. Hollywood and the music industry have been sexualizing children, especially girls, for decades. Think back the the 90s and Brittany Spears when she released her first CD. Now I was a minor at the time, so seeing her in that schoolgirl outfit and looking all attractive wasn't seen as bad. But how many grown men jerked off to pictures of her or her music videos? I bet a lot. Think about Miley Cyrus. When she was underage she was photographed getting out of a car with no underwear on, with her legs spread while wearing a skirt, and the picture was posted online. How many men looked at that picture and thought she was hot? I bet a lot. I knew saw it, because when I heard about it, I was like, guys she's a minor, nor is she that hot. But that didn't stop people from wanting to see her like that.

Of course that's just two examples I can think of off the top of my head, but there are dozens, of women in the music industry that have dressed in ways that if a grown woman dressed that way, people would say she was sexy.

That's why I tend to not watch many TV shows now-a-days, or movies, or listen to mainstream music. It's all sex, sex, sex. And for a good reason. They want to make you numb to CP by slowing eroding your sense of morality. A hundred years ago, if you had !@$with an underage girl, you would at least get the !@$# knocked out of you, if not straight up killed. Now you barely get a slap on the wrist. Why? Because so many rarely get caught, and also because the freaks in the world want you to accept their desires to have !@$with kids as normal.

master of disaster (#15067)
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21-Apr-2021 16:53:23 Quality: 0.

sorry but I do not feel you are doing any due diligence at all.
Do your best to honor some basic rules with dialogue.
You have an obligation to do more than offer assumptions after I gave so many pertinent leads.
Allison Mack and Keith Raneir as well as the Bronfman sisters found guilty child trafficking. Allison sang like a bird.
Harvey Weinstein sang
g like a bird.
John of god and his enabler and fellow trafficker, Oprah. Found guilty.
Epstein, alive and singing like a bird.
Ghislaine, singing like a bird.

Have ypu listened at all to Lin Wood and General Flynn yet?
No you have not.
Myanmar is about this. What is happening there is a proactive takedown of this. What happened in the Suez with Ever Given is related.
The so called royals and prince phillips timely death...related.
The pope and the vatican the same
Washington and the flooding of the tunnels after it was emptied the same.
Pedo joe and his daughter and Son outing him is most assuredly part of this exposure.

Hey dude we are thankful for your service but I find your commitment in the present lacking.
Due your due diligence. What they are doing NOW and over the past 4 years is amazing. Too bad you are missing it.
Go have a listen to John Here To Help, (Lin Wood's whistleblower) or Timothy Charles Holmseth, General Flynn, wikileaks and Assange, or most importantly at present Lin Wood s he is on fire and the point of the spear atm.
I finf
d your lack of due diligence on this to be nothing but time consuming. I answered your first 2 queries only to have you skip over your own arguments once they wete addressed. just so you could add logical falacies just to waste my time for the sake of elevating yourself as the topic.
False equivalancies and other logical fallacies are not honest dialogue.
And I am certainly not here to entertain you.
I gave you very good leads and you are ignoring them only in attempts to elevate yourself using logical fallacies in place of research.
Dude simply start with those ACTIVELY in the game.
General Michael Flynn, Lin Wood, JHTH, Timothy Charles Holmseth and now add jesus Jim Caviezel to the list as he is openly talking about adrenochrome now. His new movie coming out Out of the Shadows where he portrays Tim Ballard might give you hints where he got this knowledge.
I am grateful for your previous service but we did not stop when you did I can happily and joyfully assure you of this FACT.
Dude, I spent some time with Ted Gunderson and friends 20 years ago. I was in this fight then, while you served, and now.
Sorry if that disappoints you somehow.
Go have a listen to the heath and freedom conference my friend. It will uplift you to know what is going on with this fight. Millions of children have been recovered and freed from traffickers in just this last year when it went kinetic last March 31

''Walk softly and carry a big stick''

master of disaster (#15067)
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21-Apr-2021 17:16:35 Quality: 0.

If you want to argue with whiplash 347 and their intel go there and do it. I passed on that retweet because it was broad encompassing multi topics and events presently happening. I am posting alot now because it went hot and it is time.

Whiplash347 is associated with ghostezra. Ghostezra is Ezra Cohen Watnick.
You will get more from those 2 accounts than anywhere else at this point in time.
Ezra and Chris Miller are the 2 than ran the ops once the EO kicked in and activated.
Go argue with either of those 2 with what they do or do not know. Go argue with Thomas Wictor on Quodverum when it comes to military activities in regards to P.E.A.D.S., covert and clandestine ops.
These are good places to start to bring you up to speed on PRESENT activities

''Walk softly and carry a big stick''

master of disaster (#15067)
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21-Apr-2021 17:38:09 Quality: 0.


something happened to my previous link for Lin Wood and the health and freedom conference.
Very important as things are irreversably in motion
it has begun

''Walk softly and carry a big stick''

Jim Caviezel (jesus)

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master of disaster (#15067)
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21-Apr-2021 17:47:21 Quality: 0.

lin wood on Mike Pence murdering 3 children

This is JHTH
He is the whistleblower

Some think this is Clapper. That would certainly explain why Lin Wood vouches to his credibilty

''Walk softly and carry a big stick''

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master of disaster (#15067)
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21-Apr-2021 18:39:43 Quality: 0.

Ever Given..evergreen.
What is happening in the Suez Canal is way bigger than imagined

''Walk softly and carry a big stick''

heblm3 (#40142)
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21-Apr-2021 18:53:26 Quality: 0.

I only brought focus to what I did in the game to show that I'm not someone that just talks. I have been out for a bit but only a few years. After many of the major ops we started got taken over. people need time to heal from the horrors that we saw. it gets to you after a while. Yes you can gain a lot of information. wars before they happen, take downs etc.

But I did my work nd my research. several things that you claimed are just flat out hype. They are not real. I'm pointing that out because you need to be careful with what you are following and what you believe. believe false information his extremely harmful to any thing trying to be moved forward. In this age if your credibility gets ruined that kills the forward momentum.

With that you currently have said 3 things that are completely false. 2 things that are speculation. and a reference to something that we have long proved to be erroneous used for the enslavement of man.

that is dangerous.

Like you said you been at this 20 years. so have I. in that time the same cycles keep happening. this is nothing new and the problem is you seem to think it is. every time a power structure is removed another one pops up. its like a hydra, but when we cut one head and 7 more pop up.

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heblm3 (#40142)
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21-Apr-2021 18:57:34 Quality: 0.

And I'm not even disagreeing with a vast majority of your points or offering things that might possibly be the reason to them. I sad go with that, go with the things that you know happened for sure and drop the speculation stories. because the speculation stories are proving to be wrong. Which again points to the ability to kill the momentum of the things that did. It gives people the ability to lose faith in what is truth. I've seen it to many times.

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