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heblm3 (#40142)
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1-Jun-2021 06:01:46 Quality: 0.

Supports a rapist

yet pretends to be against all acts of similar nature.


master of disaster (#15067)
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1-Jun-2021 06:23:57 Quality: 0.

 Quote: heblm3 (#40142) wrote:
Also, if they where "captured in the act" they would be in jail right now. That is kind of how that works.

2017 leftist democrats want their talking points back.

This was debunked twice.
Once back when it was first played by leftists,
and twice after this stupid post of yours.
By your own logic Trump would be in jail right now if he was actually a rapist.
What a dolt

master of disaster (#15067)
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1-Jun-2021 09:55:46 Quality: 0.

 Quote: Pez (#324) wrote:
Same old tired deflections from your ilk. When you have no legitimate retorts, just revert to "WHAT ABOUT OBAMA?!"

I didn't vote for Obama or Biden. I criticized and continue to criticize them both. I don't bow down and worship someone because they have an (R) or a (D) next to their name. Your deflections amount to absolutely nothing.

The irony of Christians bowing down and worshipping the embodiment of Belial will never cease to amuse me.


No deflections.
I came to spit fire. No time for the weak stuff.
I am only here for short time. Prepare....Really get ready

I know who I support. Trump is part of it not all of it. PEDO (not trump). Ashley Biden's memoir says creepyjoe showered with her inappriately when she was a little girl and that she was molested many times. Hunter is a mess and has chinese porn videos of him raping and torturing a little girl (chinese).

Can you think of any reasons they accuse DJT of what they OPENLY do?

They lost you just do not know it yet. Many many once familiar faces not seen or heard from anymore. Too bad about holliweird and all those ''actors'' eh?

The reset has begun and nothing you can do to stop it.

You can only get ready the best you can in what is a very short time that is left.

You better hope I am right and it is only the 1st of 2-40% devaluations because if it is hyper-inflation life just got very very difficult....Venezuela type of difficult.

Here is a freebee just so the reprobate can test and vett muh credibility to this audience of 3

Meat prices will go up $5.00 per lb. by the end of the week.

Good thing Klaus Shwaab and his version of this jubilee sinks like the titanic.

There is a 22 Nation military alliance VERY active in the worlds biggest operation ever seen.
And it is showtime.

At least 1 very big scare event is about to take place as what is being touted.

Like really scary...BIG scary where the whole world participates and feels it.
WWIII type of scary...
But for the now.

If you do not have what you will need to ride this out you have very little time to get it....if it is available.
Whatever game theyy played with petrol and building products just began with food.

I believe it is the 40% devaluation.
The experts are saying it is hyper-inflation.

Kinda crazy now that I think about it.
You twooz guys want me to be too.

I want to be right about who won this though. Med beds and free energy and QFS banking tied to blockchain voting. Stolen gold, money and assets returned to the people.

BUT FIRST All the corruption, crimes against humanity, human trafficing.
The horrible crimes against children MUST be and is being stopped and the 6000 year old death cult destroyed.
The whole world is watching us for lead in this.
We must not fail
We will not fail.

We were right about the vaccines and now we can circle back and know, we were right about the election as well.
And thems fightin words to some.
What a !@$#storm it will be.

This is so much bigger than Trump.
This is Biblical
It is good vs. evil
It's ok though. They really aren't his kids and the parents gave their consent

master of disaster (#15067)
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1-Jun-2021 09:56:39 Quality: 0.
heblm3 (#40142)
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1-Jun-2021 17:06:24 Quality: 0.

came to spit fire lol

You post rantings with nothing to back it up but other people ranting. those are not facts.

Here lets try this one.

Post a document that shows any of the things you are talking about. A actual document not made up stuff. Things that can be fact checked from multiple outside sources.

Show the arrest records that can be checked publicly.

How is the queens castle doing? still not really up for sale?

You tell lies and suffer mental illness.

heblm3 (#40142)
TEQ Game Account
1-Jun-2021 17:07:39 Quality: 0.

meat prices will go up 5 dollars in a week.

So let me ask you. what happens when they don't?

I said before there are some things that are real. some things that are being worked on. But the rest is wild madness.

heblm3 (#40142)
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1-Jun-2021 17:29:54 Quality: 0.

here is the things MoD. You want the fight so badly that you are blind to a simple fact. I have said many times. I don't want you to be wrong. I want you to be right, but I know you are wrong.

You keep thinking I'm fighting against you. I am not, I am fighting against your lies. They have no place in the future. You either know 100% or you don't. Nothing you say is 100% everything is speculation.

if this does this this will happen. if this plays out this way this will happen. etc. You are coving every possible outcome. So of course one of them will be right, but as I said before you are not counting all the ones that are wrong. that is your problem.

the rest of it is just who and how you are. You personally are a evil man. The way you treat people and the way you attack people that do not agree with you. You are the evil you speak of. You go around bring harm to others.

You just are no longer good at. The word has grown past you. What you do is now Childs play, it doesn't work anymore.

I wish for once you would just stop being evil.




I hope one day you find and grow love in your heart and stop hurting other people.

master of disaster (#15067)
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1-Jun-2021 18:54:48 Quality: 0.

Just speculating as to reasons the queen has/is leaving buckingham palace and London.

Maybe she is going to spend her twilight years reminiscing over former days at old hunting and harvesting venues.

I quote Robert David Steele

"tell what you know at the Truth and Reconcilliation commitees.
Take the deal or die MF's''

Pez (#324)
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1-Jun-2021 19:42:15 Quality: 0.

helbm3, I admire your effort and patience to actually continue to engage this when one side is clearly the ramblings of a delusional person making claims like, "I've seen the proof!" while not being able to produce said proof (unless other delusional people making the same claims counts as proof these days).

MoD, in the past, I enjoyed tearing down your ill-conceived fantasies, but now I'm older and more mature and I just simply don't have the time or patience for it. You haven't changed one bit. You made assertions 10+ years ago that never came to pass or came to light as truth, and you are repeating the same patterns today.

Good luck out there, MoD.


[ -- Message edited on: 2-Jun-2021 02:01:53 by Pez (#324) -- ]

heblm3 (#40142)
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1-Jun-2021 21:04:02 Quality: 0.

Thank you Pez. It just kills me because deep down I hope that there is an actual human inside of him. You are right for years and years he has said things that have turned out to be completely wrong. That was the point at the start of all of this. He tries to cover everything and he has only been right once out of hundreds of times. And that was a decade plus ago.

But what is worse to me is when he is wrong he lies about everything. He says he never said that or that it didn't happen. He then attacks you and tries to manipulate you into thinking you are the crazy one.

that makes him either a really bad person deep down to do things like that. or so lost that he actually cannot see what he is doing. which means he has mental illness.

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