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master of disaster (#15067)
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21-Apr-2021 20:44:04 Quality: 0.

 Quote: heblm3 (#40142) wrote:
I only brought focus to what I did in the game to show that I'm not someone that just talks. I have been out for a bit but only a few years. After many of the major ops we started got taken over. people need time to heal from the horrors that we saw. it gets to you after a while. Yes you can gain a lot of information. wars before they happen, take downs etc.

But I did my work nd my research. several things that you claimed are just flat out hype. They are not real. I'm pointing that out because you need to be careful with what you are following and what you believe. believe false information his extremely harmful to any thing trying to be moved forward. In this age if your credibility gets ruined that kills the forward momentum.

With that you currently have said 3 things that are completely false. 2 things that are speculation. and a reference to something that we have long proved to be erroneous used for the enslavement of man.

that is dangerous.

Like you said you been at this 20 years. so have I. in that time the same cycles keep happening. this is nothing new and the problem is you seem to think it is. every time a power structure is removed another one pops up. its like a hydra, but when we cut one head and 7 more pop up.

I want my old account back please?

but you lie.
who are you?
so far i have to rely upon your word and your most recent google search.
you simply are not credible and certainly have no clue outside of what you claim to know which equates to
''that's like, just your opinion man'' The dude

based upon your lack of knowledge and obvious lack of due diligence on anything at all that I shared you have nothing but logical fallacies for your rebuttal.
appeal to authority and false equivilancy and straw men as well as trying to make people the topic, such as you trying to elevate yourself at my expense are just a few.
You simply have no relevance.edit: you are no Gen. Flynn. He is in the game, you are not
What you are attempting in trying to make yourself the authoriry is exactly like stolen valor.
Sorry you fail.
I have not given my opinion till now.
you on the other hand have nothing but your opinion following a google

''Walk softly and carry a big stick''

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master of disaster (#15067)
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21-Apr-2021 20:47:09 Quality: 0.

 Quote: heblm3 (#40142) wrote:
And I'm not even disagreeing with a vast majority of your points or offering things that might possibly be the reason to them. I sad go with that, go with the things that you know happened for sure and drop the speculation stories. because the speculation stories are proving to be wrong. Which again points to the ability to kill the momentum of the things that did. It gives people the ability to lose faith in what is truth. I've seen it to many times.

I want my old account back please?

says you. but who are you?
I do not remember you at all

stolen valor.
you cannot get in, get out, get in, get out of this war. You cannot love and protect children from !@$#*ic abuse.
At best all you are saying you did something once for a paycheck and now you no longer get
who are you?
you are no Lin Wood

edit: I elevate those that are risking their lives and reputations. I am but a messenger.
You elevate yourself to score some virtue signaling brownie points to make yourself relevant. You obviously are not relevant. Anyone can google.
There is room for skeptics. There is no room for cynics, the lowest rung in discourse.
You know when I speculate because I claim so. I have a vast wealth of intimate knowledge on a number of subjects and in being an INTJ speculating and explaining it will take days to unwrap it for a mind that is cynical and relies upon 1 minute google queries trying to diflect and for personal glorification.
again, who are you?
while you are recovering, others have rescued millions....get some rest

''Walk softly and carry a big stick''

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master of disaster (#15067)
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21-Apr-2021 21:38:03 Quality: 0.

Your first Google was wrong thus you have already COMPLETELY discredited yourself.
Buckingham Palace is empty, royal symbols removed from Gates and put on the market for sale @$6.5 billion.

Google it again googleboy

heblm3 (#40142)
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22-Apr-2021 02:49:31 Quality: 0.

Who I am does not matter, one of us is never as strong as all of us. I received no pay for the work I did. That was done freely as it should be on barrowed time.

Emoov lied my guy, he put it up on his site to show what it would be wroth but never listed it as open for sale. Stupid people seen it listed, didn't read and jumped to conclusions. that is where it all started. You believe everything you read? I dont get my information from fast google searches. Never have. Just because I spent a few years relaxing doesn't mean I stoped paying attention. It also doesn't mean I'm still not in the background of dark hallways on IRCs.

The queen is in her castle as she has been since the start of lockdown. Her husband died and shes in grieving. No one knows if she will return to the palace because it is again other peoples speculation. The speculation is that she wants to live out the rest of her life in the castle because it is close to where she put her husband to rest. I've seen many people never move after a loved one passes away just so they could remain close to the resting place. So is it possible given how old she is? yes of course.

So this is what I expect.

1. find anywhere that says the palace is actually for sale. since it isn't. inquire to buy it and see what happens.

2. you will have no choice but to admit you are wrong when You search of the records of treasury to see that they just dumped nearly 500 million dollars into the palace for renovations and updates while everyone is gone. Its the best time to do it so that it stays standing for another 200 years. They have a detailed 10 year renovation plan that is currently being worked on. But I guess you missed that one in all your diligence? Thats a lot stronger than a google search. Those boarded up windows are from work being done bud. sigh

I haven't given one opinion other than those about credibility. Because that is the most important thing that you have. So if you are wrong time and time again no one will listen to you when it really matters and you are right. You will be an untrusted source.

There are ways to check all of these things. not with google and not from listening to other people. Maybe, just is time for you to start to think for yourself? free yourself my guy. don't move from one trap to another. Have the Ops not taught you at least that? To trust no one, to question everything. And unless you see it for yourself or did it yourself take it with the smallest grain of salt.

What you have done is allowed your hopes to run wild by attaching yourself to a group of minds that you agree with. That way of thinking allows you to block everything else out. To you this information could never be wrong. That is more scary than the cults you hate. because it is that very type of thinking that allowed them to take power in the first place and will allow them to again.

This is bigger than you will ever understand and blindly spreading misinformation is very dangerous to the moves coming.

credibility is needed over all. Because if that masses that are scared that 80% can't trust the information it fails. That's why they put out fake information. They have been doing that since the 50's ( probably longer) as a way to discredit those that had real truth. They all got lumped in with conspiracy theory's and no one would listen.

You keep saying fake things like the palace is for sale and Hilary has been arrested and you will discredit anything that really needs looked into. Like the DC explosions. which at least 2 did happen. but 2 is not enough to collapse thousands of tunnels that have been being built for well over 200 years. So that means that is something worth looking into much deeper.

The other problem is that you stand in your own way. You are so defensive that you become unapproachable, you always have. that's your passion which is fine. but all you do is shut doors you dont open them. that doesn't make for someone good at spreading knowledge and helping people to see past the system they are stuck in. In fact that mentality does far more harm. You force people to stay blind. we have worked very hard to help stop that.

So in 20 years your knowledge is more but you yourself haven't grown at all? Haven't found a way to connect? a way to get your information out not to the people that already agree with you but to the ones that need to hear it? That needs work brother.

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heblm3 (#40142)
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22-Apr-2021 02:53:22 Quality: 0.

As for the "seal" that wasn't the royal seal. It was removed to be restored. So lets wait and see what happens there. But this information is old Which is also something I find funny.

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Yuri (#3268)
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22-Apr-2021 16:18:41 Quality: 0.

MoD was credible in the past. If I recall correctly, he did warn us all of the Freddie Mac/Fannie Mae issue back in '08-09, months before it happened. Of course almost everyone on the board thought he was crazy and just saying stupid stuff.

That's not to say that I blindly believe everything he posts, because he is human and can make mistakes.

master of disaster (#15067)
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22-Apr-2021 18:57:57 Quality: 0.

Thank you Yuri
You too Heblm3
This video right here is the biggest primer available to what is going on now and what led us to the 50+ trade agreements and treaties that is in effect now and how we got rid of the FED central bank fiat money.
It is a crazy time to be alive.
DJT just navigated us out of receivership and bankruptcy.
It all starts with the harvest festival "massacre" in Las Vegas and what it was really all about.
It is this event where Q came on the scene.
You NEED to understand this to understand current events.
Trump Intel saved the prince"s life that night. You can only imagine the gratitude by Prince Salman.
Very important stuff to know to be able to understand what I am about to share here.
Enjoy this amazing info in the video.

You all need to prepare for the stock market crash that paves the way for the Quantum Financial System.
The last satellite for the Starlink system went up a few weeks ago.
QFS is coming.
EBS coming very soon. Internet shutdown a certainty.
This is important to avoid the threats of sabotaged nuclear facilities.
The head of the snake was cut off, killed.
But still minions out there freaking out without the previous top down control/leadership. Still a nuke or biological threat by many that are being cleaned up.

EBS imminent.
Mike Lindell looks to be important in all this. My guess is civilian business leadership in these activities are important as via control is dismantled. (Alphabet and tech companies).
Starlink is key to all this.

This video will help understand Q.
I can assure you it is impossible to understand Q without considering Quantum

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master of disaster (#15067)
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23-Apr-2021 15:42:15 Quality: 0.

an overview of of how we got here.
12 years ago I mentioned and posted about David Wynn-Miller.
Russel Jay-Gould was his partner.

I was fascinated by it all but even to me it was fantastical and seemed so out there.

But wow, it was and is real.

Quantum Grammar is how they did it.

This is what destroyed the old and is initiating the new/now.

It is time to learn common law now.

This happened

''Walk softly and carry a big stick''

Yuri (#3268)
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23-Apr-2021 22:32:43 Quality: 0.

Since you brought up the nuke threat MoD, what are your honest thoughts about whether or not Russia will launch a nuke at the USA sometime this year? From some of the things I've seen/heard, it seems that our current government is just trying to piss Russia off and start a war with them. Which seems stupid because we currently have China not happy with us. If the current 3 super powers decided to go to war against each other, I.E. like in Orwell's '1984', I do indeed wonder how the rest of the world will fair. The amount of lives lost would be unbelievable to us now-a-days. But it would help with the depopulation theory/plan.
heblm3 (#40142)
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24-Apr-2021 02:03:53 Quality: 0.

You have to remember that in the Orwell example there never was actual war. It was all a tool used to get away with ever increasing laws while at the same time setting up a power system based on limited resources. The outer party received more than the proles. This allowed them to feel like they where a part of the inner party. However, they never could be. It was all an illusion. The same system was used in the US slave trade.

We have done similar things. We have been at war(occupations) for well into 200 years to protect "freedom". However, other free nations do not have to fight that much. This allows us to pass laws and to limit resources. We have done both. We have set up wars that should have never happened. Evidence of such things have been shown to us but no one did anything about it. It can be tracked as far back to the 70's where special forces members used weapons of our enemies and fired on US soldiers to show hostility where none was. Supporting evidence is declassified documents from the 50's showing a few examples of plans for government to attack military soldiers to help get the citizens behind this false flag ops. The second being a few times where battles where said to have happened that never did.

At this time it almost seems possible that any nation that launch's a nuke will do so against its own people and claim it came from somewhere else. Specially if as MoD said everything is falling apart. Most of the people we are dealing with are 4th to 7th generation of old money that has never actually worked. They do what their grandparents tell them and will most defiantly fight to hold on to how things are. Which you couldn't blame them for that since they honestly grew up believe they are doing what's best for everyone.

We have seen wars planned as far as 6 months before they started. With talk of the reason for the wars being things that didnt happen for another 3 to 4 months. that is saying a lot.

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