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heblm3 (#40142)
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29-Mar-2021 05:28:12 Quality: 0.

LOL Yuri you say that like the CEO of DieBold didn't step down when he was caught promising the vote of Ohio to Bush. It all goes how they want it to. Private corporation sector shouldn't even be allowed involved with voting.

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Neo (#54)
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2-Apr-2021 18:12:39 Quality: 0.

Was there actual tampering? Or influence? As far as I was aware the electoral systems were relatively untouched, which made sense to me when SolarWinds/ms exchange servers hacks came to light. Everyone was looking one way while China/Russia were somewhere else. Perhaps I am mistaken though? Like I say, I don't doubt there were campaigns of influence conducted (which, mind you, I suppose you could argue *is* tampering), but I thought the actual voting systems in place weren't compromised (like say, Ukraine's was in...2016?).


Mal Kavian (#47)
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16-Apr-2021 18:55:36 Quality: 0.

Who wants to put money down that mod was arrested in the capitol riots?

Calm Blue Ocean...

Yuri (#3268)
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16-Apr-2021 23:15:02 Quality: 0.

I don't think anybody would want to take that bet. Sounds risky.
heblm3 (#40142)
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18-Apr-2021 02:32:19 Quality: 0.

Funny enough down the road from me that FBI did come and take someone in for that. MoD I didn't know you lived so close. He has also been very silent since the arrest.

I want my old account back please?

Yuri (#3268)
TEQ Game Account
18-Apr-2021 15:24:07 Quality: 0.

Maybe he went on vacation to the hidden island somewhere. And don't ask were, because if I knew where it was, it wouldn't be hidden anymore.
master of disaster (#15067)
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18-Apr-2021 22:01:41 Quality: 0.

 Quote: Mal Kavian (#47) wrote:
 Quote: master of disaster (#15067) wrote:
Trump being reelected is certainly going to be a high point in your life mal.
Enjoy the next few weeks.
Can you say contingent election with me...
These are epoch times we live in and I actually thought of teq and you to give a heads up on
what is about to happen in the coming weeks.
Q sent me

This aged well
Like milk.

Calm Blue Ocean...

it was supposed to be done by April.

what should be evident to everyone there is nobody in the WH or the capitol.

Military Tribunals have begun.
Simply ask yourself who is missing.
Rule by EO?
What happened to Congress? Holliweird?
They are all actors now as this plays out globally and the arrests are made.
Alot of what I thought was coming out by Easter has been suppressed either by whitehats or blackhats.

Who is missing?
Why are so many Not doing photo ops at the border? Because they cannot.
We won. We are not trying to win. We already won.
The goal is peace.
These institutions are being destroyed as the control mechanisms that enslave us are exposed for what they are/were. Contrast is necessary. The people have to be shown.
The empire of the city has been destroyed. The head of the snake cut off.
Can you see it? Buckingham Palace is empty and put up for sale.
Vatican City bank accounts and gold vaults emptied and confiscated.
Washington DC is being turned into the worlds largest open air prison and is now considered a hostile foreign country/entity.
The act of 1871 is over and the Corporation with DC as its capitol is over.
Trump nor Biden is President atm and Congress is mostly under house arrest and has no role in our countries affairs till after the election to come.
Pay attention. The States and their legislatures are the governing authorities for civilian control till this gets sorted out and the military relinquishes control BACK to civilian authority.
Pay attention to what has happened in the Suez canal.
You have no idea how big this is.
Rumor is Hillary just went in front of the m. tribunal in gitmo

notice how active the congress critters are lately? Almost absent huh?
Crimes against humanity
Trafficing children at an industrial level. Trafficing in human fluids derived through torture, especially children... These people are sick and it is being brought to an end.
Most cannot handle the truth and it must be exposed strategicly but it is being exposed.

This has to be done first before NESARA GESARA and the release of quantum technology like zero point energy and medbeds. We are getting way more than our country back.
There are over 50 countries military working together in taking down and destroying the deep state that exists within each and all countries.
No simple task so certainly we can be patient....unless you are part of the corrupt.

Really. Where is Adam Schiff? Where is Jerry nadler? AOC? Chucky Shumer? Hillary?
some are still alive but under some type of house arrest awaiting their tribunal. Some are only cgi anf
d deepfakes. Others like actor joe is someone wearing a mask and cgi. Honestly how come Joe had blue eyes his entire public career until now?
How is this not obvious that actor joe is just a place holder?

Look up Thomas Wictor on telegram for an inside look of things if the military is involved....which they most assuredly are.....

or Russia Russia Russia and orange man bad for the NPC crowd.

The things being done right now could never have been accomplished under POTUS Trump.

Dwell on these optics for instance. The capitol grounds were fenced in with Constatina Wire until just a few days ago when they finally took it down and erected concrete barriers around the buildings instead where vehicles are stopped but people easily just crawl over.
All this happened on the day antifa and blm started to gather this last week.
And this strange tidbit. They are also observing sandbags are being placed over the storm drains throughout DC. hmmmmmmm. Which makes one wonder what or who is in the tunnels(remember DC is a foreign entity now). Foreign troops in the tunnels?
I have a hunch about this.
I also have a hunch crazy people, real insurrectionists, are being baited into storming the capitol this week. Can they pass up this invitation? I doubt it.

I think it is the 10th Mountain division dispatched to DC this week.
It looks to me that they actually might redirect the potomac and flood the tunnels driving whatever is there to come up and out. Imagine the optics of this moment. mal's champions of justice antifa (most of them incel's) and other true insurrectionists storming and burning the capitol at the same time some foreign military is flushed out through the last remaining exit left to them. All this is just hypothetical and EASILY could just be fantastical dreaming.
It would make for a great climax to a 5 year long movie at the least.

Imagine the strategy. Something that TEQ players might even understand.
That nobody expected Trump to win
And certainly nobody expected him to lose. Both done on purpose as
War is won by deception. The art of war is deception.
''Never go into battle till you have already won'' Sun Tsu

seriously check out Thomas Wictor on telegram for insight into counter strikes and P.E.A.D.S.

This war is already won.
The goal is peace.

''Walk softly and carry a big stick''

master of disaster (#15067)
TEQ Game Account
18-Apr-2021 22:17:09 Quality: 0.

Mike Lindell has 2 documentaries out detailing the overwhelming evidence detailing all that was wrong with this election theft.
It was no mistake Zucker and Bezos stepped down.
It must freek people out to hear Lin Wood publicly accuse Mike Pence of murdering 3 children after raping them and claiming to having evidence for these crimes. Or accusing CJ Roberts of similar crimes.
Some want to call the top defamation lawyer in the world crazy. But I would expect at least a threat of suing him to stop saying it.

This is not dem vs. rep.
It is good vs. evil

''Walk softly and carry a big stick''

heblm3 (#40142)
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18-Apr-2021 22:37:11 Quality: 0.

All of that is a dream my man. You are right that nothing is as it seems. You are wrong to think that its going to move in a direction that you want. Can it? yes, but that is not what we are actually seeing. we have been freely giving information for well over 15 years. I was a part of many influential OPS. We did great things and showed a lot of information. But, sadly the base population which is still well over 80% just doesn't care. 3 billion people in the world are spending their time just trying not to die from lack of basic needs.

Are things better? that is so/so because as we make a dent which we should, more things pop up. Human trafficking's and CP are at an all time high. With log footage hitting rate of tens of millions of offenders. A lot of people put on a public face but dont want the change they claim because they in fact are a part of the problem.

I honestly hope deep down that we gain peace. I want that so badly. I believe we are able to be so much more as a race of humans; and technology is finally reaching a point that we can achieve it. But, that is also not the case. people are afraid of change and advancement still. We still need to evolve in order for anything to come that will last.

What you need to do to understand what I am saying is look into human history. At minimum the last 7,000 years. You will see the power struggle. The poor help those above them overthrow the elites with a promise of things getting better. the result for 7,000 years is that the poor stay poor, the new elites act like the old ones and the old ones take the place of the new ones. Years later they trick the poor into helping again. during this time new governments are made but mostly with the same concepts. repeat, repeat, repeat.

Next, two factors to also consider.

1. generations have wildly different views on the way things should be. so your dream is not the dream of the generation that achieves it. If we gain the peace you speak of it will be overthrow years down the road by people that assume there is a better way. Or that it is done as a way to control people. This concept doesn't make them evil or wrong for time will have forgot what it was like before. The reason for this is the same reason we still need to evolve, at least emotionally. Because they will have a natural inclination to rebel, to make their own mark and try to make their mark on the world and do it better than it currently is.

2. some people just love chaos and want nothing more to stop the plans of others that move us away from chaos in order.

the problem with order is that is always moves into disorder. touching point 1.

You also have to consider the fact that the very thing you see as good has the power to become corrupt themselves as they gain absolute control.

I want my old account back please?

master of disaster (#15067)
TEQ Game Account
19-Apr-2021 00:52:03 Quality: 0.

it started with the EO in 2018.
There 27 covert ops sent to 27 key precincts. As you know they have no policeauthority and only gathered info. 30 days after 11/04 it went kinetic. But still with no arrest powers. No crimes commited till he was sworn in. That triggered a 60 day assesment period as they began to collect evidence and make some house arrests.
After that 60 day window it began.
Many arrests have been made and about 200,000 sealed indictments from grand jury investigations that began just after the 2016 elections began to be unsealed as those investigations as well were ongoing.
It is and always was in States power. We are relearning the power structure as the Republic is being restored.
A lot of very connected people thought this was done by Easter. But they are having so much success doing it with actors that they are continuing as it is as they dismantle all the control mechanisms.

No dreams my friend. Just the end of the deep state. Actually brilliant in execution.

The peace I am refering to is the civil war. If they did the things they are doing now under Trump mal and his incel army would be burning things everday.

Look at what actor joe just did announcing the sanctions against Russia.
Sloarwinds was powered by smartmatic. Smartmatic and dominion is a Venezuelan and cuba in origen. Dominion was bought by HSBC and they are CCP controlled.
The payment for this election theft to Dominion was 400 million paid by Italy from money, cash, that came from the Iran cash Obama shipped for covering up the Osama fiasco and the murder of Seal Team 6.

It has nothing to do with Russia and our intel community stated that.
So why did acor joe open that door? Because he is whitehat cpntrolled.
Some pretty good evidence out there it is James Wood playing the role of joe.
They are not even trying to hide it. The mask keeps slipping causing eyebrows and eyes to drop. Really obvious stuff.

As for 2: The death cult is who you speak of. We are seeing 2 factions duke it out. One side of this ruling elite got fed up with the pedophile pedovore baby tortuing blood drnking psychopaths and simply wrecked their moloch/tanit worshipping world.

Yes it is out of the frying pan into the fire kinda thing.
But for now the Golden Dawn group seems way more reasonable than the baby eating Order of the Phoenix.
I will most assuredly eyeballing Trumpmas the possible anrichrist once tje dust settles and I will make no oaths....but this sick !@$# that is now exposed has me cheering, rooting and supporting one side over the other in earnest with clear mind. I loathed the donald back in the teq days a decade ago.
Now I recognize him as the greatest president this country ever had by far.
The 19th President of the Republic is a great man. The New Republic is at our doorstep.
The globalists tried to hijack it as a reset.
Instead we get NESARA.

Remember DJT negotiated USMCA and 50 other treaties and trade agreements.
They went into effect Jan1 and activated March 27. They are all waiting to see if we can succeed without tje FED and the Rothschilds Central banking system. The IRS and FED are now absorbed into Treasury.

It is a brand new world.
Also note that this is biblical. We are going into a 2403 year cycle of jubilees. A super jubilee between each dispensation. 2400 years ago when there was 400 years of spiritual darkness from the last old testament prophets that ended when HaMashiach clothed himself in human flesh and walked among us ushering in the Age of Grace from the previous dispensation of Moses and the law.
The Super Jubilee before that, 4800 years ago was when Noah was born. His name means rest.
These jubilees are for both man and creature for rest. If man does not honor them then Yah ensures this rest (Think flood). The Earth too needs rest.
The slaves are being set free and the land restored to the people of Israel(not that israel. Think bigger, spiritual).
This is what project Looking glass saw where all timelines are seen to be merging. What they call ''The Event''.
This is what Q means when stated Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming.
This is the reason for nesara gesara.

And this is the reason why the so called elite arescared silly as they know their fate is sealed.
Klaus Shwabb and ''the great reset'' was their last try. But they are done

''Walk softly and carry a big stick''

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