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Mal Kavian (#47)
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12-Oct-2020 17:30:44 Quality: 0.

The entire world went to !@$# once Kama stopped updating the yearly Happy New Years posts.
Coincidence? I think not.

Kama caused the current state of the world. Change my mind!

Calm Blue Ocean..

~Hidalgo~ (#102)
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16-Oct-2020 00:17:30 Quality: 0.

--reload 2020--

This version has a bug!

master of disaster (#15067)
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15-Dec-2020 18:33:49 Quality: 0.

Trump being reelected is certainly going to be a high point in your life mal.
Enjoy the next few weeks.
Can you say contingent election with me...
These are epoch times we live in and I actually thought of teq and you to give a heads up on
what is about to happen in the coming weeks.
Q sent me
Ringmasta (#28493)
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16-Dec-2020 22:43:24 Quality: 0.

The math checks out.

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