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Ripper (#5)
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15-Oct-2006 05:48:12 Quality: 0.

Startup - Steelie

This startup can be run a few ways. You can play all 150 turns of neutral all at once and sell only on pvt, or you can start selling on pvt and stop sometime after turn 30 and switch to selling on public (depends on how much time you have and how often you can login during startup). You can adjust for your own preference and the market conditions.

Note: When you get low on money, sell steel on pvt market for the income to buy territories/BCs. If you get low, you can WOT a turn here and there to get more money.

1st Profile (Team Server)
Property Weight Percentage Min-Max
Military Strength 3
70% (70-130%)
Army Maintanance Costs 3
89% (80-120%)
Private Market 3
80% (80-120%)
Construction Speed 3
120% (75-120%)
Discovery Effectiveness 3
115% (80-115%)
Factory Production 2
75% (75-125%)
Steel Production 2
125% (75-125%)
Population Capacity 2
115% (80-115%)
Solar Enhancements 2
80% (80-115%)
Tax Income 2
115% (80-115%)
Research Speed 2
85% (85-120%)
Bakery Production 2
75% (75-125%)
Missile Accuracy 1
80% (80-150%)
SEALS Strength 1
72% (70-140%)

You can raise Army Maintenance Costs to 95% and lower SEALS Strength to 70% for Group Server profile.

Turn 1 - Build 30 mines (30 mines)

Buy max territories (9)
Set tax rate to 34%

Turn 2 - Build 30 mines (60 mines)

Buy max territories (10)

Set tax rate to 39%

Turn 3 - Build 30 mines (90 mines)

Buy max territories (11)
Set tax rate to 44%

Turn 4 - Build 30 mines (120 mines)

Buy max territories (12)
Set tax rate to 47%

Turn 5 - Build 22 mines (142 mines)

Buy max territories (13)
Set tax rate to 50%

Turn 6 - Build 13 mines (155 mines)

Buy max territories (15)
Set tax rate to 52%

Turn 7 - Build 14 mines (170 mines)

Buy max territories (16)
Set tax rate to 54%

Turn 8 - Build 16 mines (186 mines)

Etc, continue building mines every turn and raising tax rate 2%. Once you can buy at least 30 territories from pvt market, start getting a small amount of Construction Speed to increase your building per turn. You won't need more than 35 bpt, so once you reach that just keep your bpt steady. You can raise the tax rate to 74-75%, but you will need to drop it slowly when you stop gaining population around turn 140 or so.

Continue alternating b/w building mines and selling steel every few turns on pvt. When you start getting a negative income, keep no money on hand while you are taking turns. That means if you buy 1 turn of territories (example, you buy 31-32), then spend all cash on BCs. Don''t run out of bread, buy from public or if it is above 60, just assign 10-20 bakeries until the price drops.

Keep building and selling on pvt until you are ready to sell on public market. I recommend selling on pvt until ~ turn 100-120 and switch to selling for 20+ on public market from there. You'll need to collect a fair amount of turns before the steel demand becomes large enough to get some decent public market sales. Don't expect to sell much before turn 200-250 in server time, when the first cashers get out of neutral and begin building Superstructures.

Once you've reached 3-3.5k mines, mining becomes a better investment than territories provided it is not too expensive. Aim for mining that is below 18k at this stage.

Regarding your pvt market, if you will be switching to a military producer (Barracker or WF) after your steel phase then it is a matter of personal preference whether to forgo military and focus on building Superstructures quickly. I prefer to build a pvt market regardless and resell military as often as possible to finance the pvt market purchases. This will likely keep your from being grabbed too often. If you are going to switch to a non-military producer, then you need to keep your pvt market units growing at all times, beginning with turn 150 at the very latest IMO. This will be key to having a big jump once you are switched to your strat.

When leaving neutral, your goal is to reach 5k mines and max mining discoveries by turn 250. If you reach this point, you are guaranteed to have your Superstructures by turn 330-340 and have a solid start. To do this, simply play in small batches of 20-25 turns while you gain some land and increase your mining. I like to target low NW countries with 4k+ land, which often have no military, for some easy land to avoid spending cash on getting territories to 5k. In any case, get to 5k, get your mining maxed, and then start building your superstructures. When you get low on cash, work overtime 10-15 turns and make a sale of steel to public. This should allow you to finish up your Superstructures and then you'll be OT'ing 2.6m steel per turn. You'll want to get around 4-5B in steel sales, so with steel around 30 you'll want to OT around 60-70 turns. Once you begin getting sales, start getting your discoveries. Start with Construction Speed, purchasing up to 100-150k for a fast switch, as the price for CS will rise quickly once others begin switching. Also remember to stock up on BCs that you will need before the market rises. Make your switch to your strategy and save up near max turns and you are ready to jump to 12k+ territories and a nice top 10 NW.

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StriKeR (#27572)
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4-Nov-2006 15:57:16 Quality: 0.

Does changing you pvt market to 80% increase the sell price on steel on pvt? Otherwise its useless and you can better drop your army costs


Periander (#6713)
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4-Nov-2006 16:21:43 Quality: 0.

I don't think it does.

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orion (#28695)
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1-Dec-2006 05:59:27 Quality: 0.

So, I like the way this is laid out . . . But what about investments? Is that something one should be doing throughout startup, or is it not worth it?
Ripper (#5)
TEQ Game Account
4-Dec-2006 04:56:31 Quality: 0.

Orion: Investments are not important during the startup because you gain more from the expansion of your country than you do from interest off of locking the money away for 100 turns or more. Investments really only come into play in Fight Server and in the late Midgame or Endgame of Team Server and Group Server.

StriKeR: Changing pvt market to 80% does not affect the sell price of steel on pvt market, it will always be 12. The reason for having 80% Pvt Market Costs is because you purchase units off pvt market and have an army on hand, plus you can resell the military for some profit to help continue your pvt market. Some players don't get an army, which is a personal preference, but I think if you don't have an army you should get farmed for not even attempting to protect your land (just my opinion ). But 89% or 95% Army Maintenance is still low, doesn't make much difference. I usually send 1 HR Planned Operation once I start building superstructures anyways, to cut down on maintenance if money is tight.

HY17 (#6231)
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4-Dec-2006 04:58:39 Quality: 0.

About investments, not totally. I've seen Lack run some really nice startups using investments (just to prevent cash from being stolen - I think he starts them empty).


Ripper (#5)
TEQ Game Account
4-Dec-2006 06:39:29 Quality: 0.

To keep the money safe between turns is fine, if you don't need to use it that's okay but to lock the money away when you would need it isn't worth it.
orion (#28695)
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6-Mar-2007 05:23:45 Quality: 0.

Ever considered mixing bakeries & cement factories?
The last couple sets I've been building just enough of those to stay out of negatives, and it's worked very well in GS. The big advantage has been being completely market-independent, exept for CS & Mining discos.
HY7 (#6231)
Premium/Plus Member
6-Mar-2007 05:45:43 Quality: 0.

I think you should only mix bakeries if bread is at 40+. Otherwise just buy.
I think you should only mix CFs if BCs are 80+. Otherwise just buy.

But as you said, if one of those 2 markets is messed up then you can still grow. However, if the markets aren't that far from normal, then mixing isn't worth it.

orion (#28695)
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6-Mar-2007 06:31:56 Quality: 0.

I've heard several people say similar things, but I know I sure have an easier time of it doing it my way. Maybe I was just unlucky with the market or too unskilled at deciding how much to buy & when before.
But deciding to mix only when prices get high seems silly to me (at least with BCs) . . . unless you're already stocked up with quite a surplus, because f you're a decent way into your start, you'd have a hard time building them fast enough to actually support your building. Mixing them, it takes somewhere around 20% of your territories being cement factories to keep from having to buy BCs.

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