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FireSarge (#411)
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17-Aug-2007 04:49:50 Quality: 0.

alot of these are outdated but unless someone has the new ones


base productivity per Buildings territory--- with 100% in profile and without discoveries

Beach- 2400 silver
Solar panel- 2200 silver
Condo/tax- 2100 silver
Mine- 105 iron
War.Fact.- 4.8 fighters
-3.5 bombers
-3.0 panzers
-9.0 HLs
-0.0002 CM
Barrack- 20.7 marines
-5.1 seals
Science- 0.51 discoveries
Bakery- 120 bread
Cement Fact.- 93 BC

base productivity per Buildings territory--- with maxed in profile and with maximum discoveries

Beach- 4153 silver
Solar panel- 5079 silver
Condo/tax- 11020 silver
Mine- 262 iron
War.Fact.- 12 fighters
-8.75 bombers
-7.50 panzers
-22.3 HLs
-0.0004 CM
Barrack- 45.3 marines
-11.2 seals
Science- 0.62 discoveries
Bakery- 300 bread
Cement Fact.- 93 BC

base productivity per Buildings territory--- converted all into silver at certain prices on market (without 5% commision!)

Beach- 4153 silver
Solar panel- 5079 silver
Condo/tax- 11020 silver
Mine- 5250 silver 20 sv./iron
War.Fact.- 7621 silver 634 sv./fighter
-7621 silver 871 sv./bomber
-7065 silver 950 sv./panzer
-7073 silver 317 sv./HL
-7154 silver 20m sv./CM
Barrack- 7154 silver 158 sv./marine
-6693 silver 600 sv./seal
Science- 6138 silver 9900 sv./discovery
Bakery- 6000 silver 20 sv./bread
Cement Fact.- 6417 silver 69 sv./BC


FireSarge (#411)
TEQ Game Account
17-Aug-2007 04:50:06 Quality: 0.

KiNG Z (#5785)
TEQ Game Account 22-May-2002 3:10:29

Seal ops steal a maximum of 3% of the lowest amount of tech you or your target has. So if you have 50k PDS tech and your target has 30k, you steal 3% of the lowest amount (PDS) = 900 discoveries. If YOU have 30k and your target has 50k, you still only steal 900.
This works per category! So if you have 100k PDS tech and nothing else, and your target has 100k of all other techs but no PDS tech, you steal nothing. And ofcourse you cant steal CS tech.

Bomb hangers has the same effect. You only destroy 3% of the lowest amount of fighters/bombers (that are at home ofcourse, if your, or your enemy's army is on a PS, you dont destroy anything).

Havent tried the other sealops yet, but i expect about the same results...

kwis (#7245)
TEQ Game Account 22-May-2002 3:17:57 PM
bomb structures is 5% if I remember correctly


FireSarge (#411)
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17-Aug-2007 04:50:42 Quality: 0.

* Cost of Territories *
41*(Territories that you have)+1832

* Max tech *
Construction Speed: 999%
Urban: 200.00%
Tax Revenues: 200.00%
Maintenance Costs: 65.00%
Mining: 200.00%
Military Production: 175 (Barracks), 200 (War Factory)
Bread Baking: 200.00%
Space Mirror: 150.00% (Beaches), 200.00% (Solar Panels)
Computer Enhancement: 160.00%
Patriot Defense System: 50.00%
Pvt Market Discount: 40.00%
Missile Accuracy : 75.00%

* Military *
Attack/Def - strenght:
Marines 1/1 (land battle)
Fighters 4/4 (air)
Bombers 9/0 (land), 1/0 (air)
Panzers 6/5 (land)
Heavy Lasers 0/3 (land)

When you do normal landgrabs then you first fight in the air. If you win that then your bombers will be a part of your land battle. You always need to send at least 25% of your land attacking strenght as panzers/marines.

* Production *
PB = Profile Bonus (75-125%, 0.75-1.25)
AWF = Number of factories producing that military type.
AB = Number of barracks producing that military type.
discoWF = bonus from discoveries (100-200%, 1.0-2.0)
discoB = bonus from discoveries (100-175%, 1.0-1.75)
WO = 1.2 if you use work overtime (20% bonus)

Fighters = 5.735*(PB)*(AWF)*(discoWF)*WO
Bombers = 4.171*(PB)*(AWF)*(discoWF)*WO
Panzers = 3.545*(PB)*(AWF)*(discoWF)*WO
Heavy Lasers = 10.636*(PB)*(AWF)*(discoWF)*WO
Missiler = 0.0002232*(PB)*(AWF)*(discoWF)*WO

SEALs = 3.206*(PB)*(AB)*(discoB)
Marines = 13.024*(PB)*(AB)*(discoB)

* Max price on public market *
Marines : 240
Fighters : 960
Bombers : 1320
Panzers : 1440
Heavy Lasers : 480
SEALS : 600

* Private market priceses *

Full discount science + 80% pvt market in profile:
Marines 63
Fighters 253
Bombers 348
Panzers 380
Heavy Lasers 127

120% profile - min discos
Marines : 190
Fighters : 760
Bombers : 1040
Panzers : 1140
Heavy Lasers : 380

80 % profile - min discos
Marines 127
Fighters 507
Bombers 697
Panzers 760
Heavy Lasers 253

No science + 100% pvt market in profile
Marines 158
Fighters 634
Bombers 871
Panzers 950
Heavy Lasers 317

* Needed discoveries/territory to max *

workers efficiency 35
space in condo's 20
tax collector efficiency 20
maintenance cost 12
drill efficiency 15
barracks 12
war factories 15
oven efficiency 15
beaches 12
solar panels 15
military actions 10
missile defense coverage 10
discount 50
purpose accuracy 7

* Private Market *

You can max have 3 times on private market as you have in your country.

* Points per attack *

Missiles: 10 points per territory
Dogfights: 23 points per territory
DemoSquads: 16 points per territory
Bombing Raid: 27 points per territory
BlitzKrieg: 14 points per territory
SealOps: 8 points per territory

* Net *

marines: .5
fighters: 2.5
bombers: 2.75
panzers: 3.25
heavy lasers: 1.25
Seals: 1.5
tech: 3
steel: .002
bread: .001
building component: .006
land: 25
buildings 50
sv: .0001
cruise missile: 1000


FireSarge (#411)
TEQ Game Account
17-Aug-2007 04:51:14 Quality: 0.

Interesting Stuff - VERY helpful.


N = -20*ln(1000/P)+20

N is the number of dogfight attacks needed to kill a country of population P. You lose
1/20th of your pop per hit until you got 1000 civs.

[Source: P-R-I-M-E-R, our all knowing God, X-E-N-I-U-S, the all knowing,from his death stats]

No Profile Change.
No Discovery Bonus
Per Territory
Per Turn

War Factory:
Steel Used: 24.38
Fighters: 4.81
Bombers: 3.5
Panzers: 2.975
HL: 8.925

Marine: 20.7
SEALs: 5.1
Ratio Marines/SEALs: 4/1

Bread: 120

Steel: 126

Build Components: 93

Source: Dos


Cruise Missile: 1000
Marines: 0.5
Fighters: 2.5
Bombers: 2.75
Panzers: 3.25
Heavy Lasers: 1.25
SEAL: 1.5

Tech: 3.0
Steel: 0.002
Bread: 0.001
Building Component: 0.006
Silver: 0.0001

[Source: N!KE™ ]


Well here it goes. I give some credit to Weege who intruduced the idea to me a long time ago and helped clear up the difference between the bank and investments. Investments are time consuming to use but can be very beneficial. Your chances of winning will be increased if you use them. What most people don't see is how to use them. First off, let me explain what they are for. The bank is different from investments. The bank goes by turns taken while investments are by turns received. So if you had investments getting money each turn, then take it out the next day, and put it in the bank. You're getting both interests on a single turn. Most people play mostly everyday, especially at the beginning when the ranks are like a seesaw. It is a must if you want to place high or win. Also, if you just set the investments for 100 turns, lock your money in, and wait till it's expired, you would have to change to playing every other day which is not as good as playing everyday with no interest. BUT, imagine if there was a way to be able to set the investments to 58-60 turns, put your money in there after you're done that day's turns, and the next day, take it out, put it in the bank, and repeat. Wouldn't that be nice? Well there is a way. You have 10 slots, each with a limit of 2 billion (including the interest you get). To most this seems excess but there's a couple reasons for this. The first is that in the beginning, although you won't need them all, you'll end up using them. Also, near the end, you could potentially stock pile enough cash to fill all the slots. If you do the latter, you'll probably end up with several billions dollars of cash left at the end with nothing to buy.

Set slot one to 110 turns from day 1. If you're playing at the same time, this will be a lot easier. Set slot two to 165, slot 3 to 220, and slot 4 to 275, etc. 5 to 330, 6 to 385, etc. You should have slot 8 as 495. Leave the end 2 and don't do anything with them. DON'T PUT ANY MONEY IN ANY OF THE SLOTS YET! The next day, the slots would be as follows: 55, 110, 165, etc. Run your turns and at the end, put all the leftover cash into slot one. Set slot 9 to 495. The next day, take the money out of slot 1, run your turns, put the money in slot 2. Set slot 1 to 495, and repeat. If you don't play at the same time, you'll have to do something a little more time consuming but it is more accurate. Set the slots as 100, 110, 120, 130, etc. The next day, predict when you'll next play and put the money in the appropriate slot. When a slot runs to 0, set it back accordingly, usually 100 or 110.

**Never sacrifice the need for more defenses for more cash in the investments. If you look like a potential target, just spend your money of computer tech or defense. That should always be your first priority.**

This should help you in investments. It take a little to get used to some start now and get as much practice as you can. Good luck.

[Source: Vypa]


Number of units per acres per turn.---
Marines 5.848
Fighters 1.460
Bombers 1.066
Panzers 0.974
Lasers 2.927

[Source: Ruderion]


Point per acres and max percentage advantage for 100% tech effectiveness.

Construction Speed: 30.5 [1000%]
Urban: 17.4 [200%]
Tax: 17.4 [200%]
Maintenance: 10.5 [65%]
Mining: 13.1 [200%]
Military Production: 13.1 [175/200%]
Breadbaking: 13.1 [200%]
Space Mirror: 13.1 [150/200%]
Computer Enhancement: 8.7 [160%]
PDS: 8.7 [50%]
PMD: 44.5 [40%]
Missile Accuracy: 6.1 [75%]

[Source: Emerald]


At 100% production, no tech, 100% factory profile, each factory produces.

Fighters: 5.8
Bombers : 4.2
Panzers : 3.6
Laser : 10.7


Without tech and 100% solar enhencement profile, cash made per turn per building is:
Beaches : $3060
Solar Panels : $2550

With maxed out tech (150% for beaches 200% for solar):
Beaches : $4590
Solar Panels : $5100


Upkeep per 1000 (1k) units for 100% upkeep in profile and no maintenance tech.

Marines 7 7
Fighters 22 13
Bombers 275 21
Panzers 343 18
HL 155 11
SEALS 180 15
Pop 26 1

[Source: Ruderion]


private market NW gained per turn, per territory: 16.33

approximate income from condo/tax casher per territory with max profile and tech: $8k

minimum private market prices:
marines - 63
fighters - 253
bombers - 348
panzers - 380
heavy lasers - 127

average or good prices for weapons

marines: 100 to 150
fighters: 600 to 750
bombers: 750 to 900
panzers: 850 to 1050
HL: 325 to 400
SEALs: 550 to 650
cruise misisles: 20 to 25 mil each
steel: 20 to 30
bread: 15 to 25
BCs: 45 to 60

Discoveries: 11,000 to 15,000 each


FireSarge (#411)
TEQ Game Account

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17-Aug-2007 04:51:45 Quality: 0.

Ok guys..this is gonna be one of the most important tips i'm gonna give u...the key to succesfull grabbing! If u want to finish high..u will need to have a lot of land...and the best way to get it is too take it from others...

One of my expertises is grabbing a !@$# of a lot and being ungrabbable myself. In my "good"resets (I had 5 or 6 top 5 finishes, two wins...but I think I've been #1 with a huge land/ NW lead about 5 times without finishing the reset very high..(cause of wars, suiciders playing style kinda provokes agression,..) I was almost never (2 or 3 exceptions in my entire career) succesfully grabbed and I rarely ever failed a grab myself 9only when I was very drunk..).

The key to succesfull grabbing:

1) Target selection

Ofcourse it's always cooler to grab the big people...but if u want to play it safe (grabbing two small guys succesfully is better IMO than grabbing one big guy succesfully and failing once...or getting sucessfully retalled on) always look at the landscores and just take the fatties with lower NW than u have.

Look at the scores; it's best grabbing guys with high scores since they will be mostly offence and have little defense. Or people with high scores are sealers...good grabbing as well.

U can also check the archives; guys who grab a lot are offensive, thus usually have bad defense, often don't have their disco's maxed (cause they're to greedy with the land) and don't have 100% morale.

Don't try to be brave...always take the big land guys with the lowest u are sure u won't fail.

Try to spread ur grabs over the different teams though...

2) More important: ur country

Always be sure to max mil strenght in ur profile and max comp u an amazing edge on most guys. ALWAYS HAVE 100% MORALE. Bombers are definately the most awesome attack weapons in the game. If u think bombers are best for FUBARring in fight; THINK AGAIN. Bombers are the best grabbing weapons there are, nothing can stand them. So !@$# marines...just go panzers and bombers. Have enough fighters to be sure ur bombers come through and have just enough panzers so they take all the air support with them....than u will have a unique fighting force.

3) Playing style...government.

When ur grabbing and have like 50 turns. Set prod at 50% bombers, 30% panzers and 20% fighters. Assign some unassigned territories u have left or work overtime for about 5 times. Grab an easy guy, assign the buildings. By now u've played about 10 turns and ur offense is pretty strong. Grab, build, grab (big), build etc for 20 turns. Than it's time to make sure that ur are not grabbed back.

So set prod to 60% HL and 40% fighters....and grab some more (easy) targets. Than assign some buildings if u have the turns and money.

Finally: sell some panzers, bombers and fighters.....try to keep the HL intact. That way u will have very strong defense.

ALTERNATIVE: u save like 60-80 turns..go 30% panzers, 50% bombers, 20% fighters...grab for 40 turns or so...increasing bigger guys..and than stop and just work overtime the last 20 turns or so making 100% HL or 80 % HL and 20% fighters...

Conclusion: It's all about bombers and HL people....those are the greatest units in Teq...

Look at the scores; it's best grabbing guys with high scores since they will be mostly offence and have little defense. Or people with high scores are sealers...good grabbing as well.

To be perfectly clear..I meant the pointscores ofcourse....;)

***** DaFlunk

BTW Sjon, it's not always good to grab people with high scores!!!
most of the time I have a great score( barracker strat)
I'm able to break everyone and since my defence is even better then my offence I have also a better defence then the guys i can grab!!

Barrackers have an Enourmous Offence/Defence copmpared to their NW,
but they are weak for suiciders

***** Sjonnie

barrackers have great offense due to ground attacks they don't have to get past my fighters...

But my bombers usually kick their marine ass...


FireSarge (#411)
TEQ Game Account
17-Aug-2007 04:52:07 Quality: 0.

With endjump I mean buying out the private market on your last turn of the reset with a maximum discount, thereby gaining lots of networth at the lowest cost possible, and finishing high.

How to get a maximum discount:
1. set profile for private market to 80%
2. Maximise pvt market discount with tech (40%)

Number one is easy, you just need 1 profile change for this. Number 2 can become expensive but realy is worth it. Again, there are 2 ways to maximise the discovery pvt market discount.
1. Get pvt market discount until it is maxed at 40%
2. Unassign and drop land until it is maxed at 40%

For techers and sealers nr.1 is very easy to do and should be done. For other strats nr 1 can get very expensive if you have a lot of land. However, dropping land isnÂ’t cheap either and land is worth points for the total team score at the end.

Calculation example:
Country 10k land
1. Keep land: Pvt market discount needed: 435k @ 11k ~ 5 b sv
2. drop land to 1k => costs 1b sv 44k @11k ~ 0.5 b sv => total 1.5 b sv. Difference between buying discos vs dropping land: 3.5 b sv in favor of dropping for INDIVIDUAL score only.
3. (for experts only) drop land to 1k, buy out pvt market, buy back 9k land => 1.5 b sv + 2 b sv for land => total 3.5 b sv

How much does my private market cost?

Unit cost at maximum discount:
Marines 63
Fighters 253
Bombers 348
Panzers 380
Heavy lasers 127

For every 100 land your market will become 185k sv more expensive each turn you play. Your private market contains can only contain 3x the amount of units you have in total. Make sure it never reaches this limit by buying more units. With these numbers you can calculate how much money you need, to buy out your entire pvt market at the end of the reset. Or you can use my pvt market calculator (copy /paste).

Start saving the money for it and use investements for more profit. (be carefull not to exceed the end of the reset with it.) Keep in mind you also need money to buy pvt market discoveries and at the last day they will become very expensive.


godfather (#7313)
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27-Mar-2008 22:40:09 Quality: 0.

I haven't played for a while. Are their some new values or formulas? Like private market max is now 190 for marines?
HY7 (#6231)
TEQ Game Account
27-Mar-2008 23:02:46 Quality: 0.

Basically, marines were first reduced in attack power from 1/1 to 0.8/0.8. Then they were made 3 times stronger but were produced 3 times less (and costed 3 times more). That's why the private market minimum price is now 190 for marines.


godfather (#7313)
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28-Mar-2008 13:56:57 Quality: 0.

And are these still correct?

marines: .5
fighters: 2.5
bombers: 2.75
panzers: 3.25
heavy lasers: 1.25
Seals: 1.5
tech: 3
steel: .002
bread: .001
building component: .006
land: 25
buildings 50
sv: .0001
cruise missile: 1000

Jack (#2110)
Premium/Plus Member
28-Mar-2008 14:04:39 Quality: 0.

no, a marine is worth 1.5 NW now

as far as I know, none of the rest have been changed

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