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so hard (#34389)
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21-May-2008 09:55:03 Quality: 0.

 Quote: FireSarge (#411) wrote:
KiNG Z (#5785)
TEQ Game Account 22-May-2002 3:10:29

Seal ops steal a maximum of 3% of the lowest amount of tech you or your target has. So if you have 50k PDS tech and your target has 30k, you steal 3% of the lowest amount (PDS) = 900 discoveries. If YOU have 30k and your target has 50k, you still only steal 900.
This works per category! So if you have 100k PDS tech and nothing else, and your target has 100k of all other techs but no PDS tech, you steal nothing. And ofcourse you cant steal CS tech.

Bomb hangers has the same effect. You only destroy 3% of the lowest amount of fighters/bombers (that are at home ofcourse, if your, or your enemy's army is on a PS, you dont destroy anything).

Havent tried the other sealops yet, but i expect about the same results...

kwis (#7245)
TEQ Game Account 22-May-2002 3:17:57 PM
bomb structures is 5% if I remember correctly


Napoleon (#599)
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21-May-2008 10:22:55 Quality: 0.

Haven't beaches gained 10% on their standard production? So they would be 2640 now then?
HY7 (#6231)
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21-May-2008 10:34:49 Quality: 0.

Yes, they gained 10%
Solar gained 5%

I'm not sure how much bread maintenance increased for marines / seals

What else was changed then besides the above, bc min price, steel pvt price, and discos up to 40k?


Fritz (#7442)
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11-Mar-2009 02:58:30 Quality: 0.

i need the formula for points on a regular attack i know its points per terri taken but how many
Ripper (#5)
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13-Aug-2009 06:11:15 Quality: 0.

543/territory, but there is also a NW multiplier, something like 1 to 1.5 multiplier when you grab those with more NW.
Fritz (#7442)
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13-Aug-2009 06:20:10 Quality: 0.

lol only took 5 months to get an answer but thanks good to know
Ripper (#5)
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13-Aug-2009 14:06:59 Quality: 0.

LOL, I didn't even notice the date. I actually think it's 573 now that I think about it...
FireSarge (#411)
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30-Nov-2009 17:16:01 Quality: 0.

next time i make a grab i will give you an up to date points.

General Patton (#37946)
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21-Feb-2010 11:58:49 Quality: 0.

I think the price for marines need an update
like whats the min pm price for marines it definitely can't be $63 probably $200 or so
also I think a decimal mistake is made on cost otherwise you buy a million marines and the eat 7 million bread and cost 7 mil main

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Fritz (#7442)
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22-Feb-2010 04:25:20 Quality: 0.

well i a while back marines were 1/3 of what they are now and those stats are pretty old so it should be $189 but thats just what it should be i just multiplied by 3

dont really understand the second part of your question

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