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The Ultimate King (#29892)
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22-Feb-2010 08:49:32 Quality: 0.

Marines are $190 at the cheapest on private market, that is with the discos and profile at the max discount.
ZharOO (#15948)
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22-Feb-2010 10:00:44 Quality: 0.

 Quote: General Patton (#37946) wrote:
I think the price for marines need an update
like whats the min pm price for marines it definitely can't be $63 probably $200 or so
also I think a decimal mistake is made on cost otherwise you buy a million marines and the eat 7 million bread and cost 7 mil main

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 Quote: Upkeep per 1000 (1k) units for 100% upkeep in profile and no maintenance tech.

Marines 7 7
Fighters 22 13
Bombers 275 21
Panzers 343 18
HL 155 11
SEALS 180 15
Pop 26 1

1m marines would cost you 7k silver and 7k bread. the number of units you want to count maintainance for should be divided by 1000 and then multiplied with the base consumption rates as they are for 1k units.
1b (1000m) marines would eat 7m bread and need 7m silver

Astronomical (#34595)
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27-Apr-2010 06:49:33 Quality: 0.

hi, im somewhat new, and i was wondering about a few things
does anyone know what the research formulas are? particularly the computer enhancement tech
for example, if i buy 1000 discoveries, i get a 2.36% bonus, if i buy 2000 i get a 4.12% bonus. i would like to be able to figure out exactly how much discoveries needed to get a certain percentage bonus. the increase is, as expected, not linear (not a straight increase). i have a suspicion that it follows the formula y=ax^b where b is less than 1 but greater than 0. does anyone know the formula it follows?

also, how much does moral/infrastructure effect the ability of troops?
for example, i have marines with 10,000 strength combined, but i have 80% moral, would the strength be 8,000? similar with the infrastructure, how much does it affect the troops, and does infrastructure only affect marines and panzers?

sorry for all the questions, im curious

The Ultimate King (#29892)
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27-Apr-2010 09:40:15 Quality: +1.

Please always ask questions.. better you ask I always say

I don't know about the discos as I never try to figure that out, I just buy it or make it til it is maxed haha (I'm to lazy to deal with formulas) ..

for the morale and infra (as copied from the teq wiki):

Morale - Morale has influence on every unit you have. If your morale is low, your army can lose up to 50% of it's normal strength. The only way to increase your morale is to play turns without doing attacks. Morale decreases when you do attacks.

* Infrastructure - Infrastructure determines the effectiveness of your mobile ground units. Marines and Panzers are less effective when there's bad infrastructure in your country. If it's low, you can lose another 50% strength for these units. Infrastructure decreases when you lose incoming attacks.

So if I got it right, when morale is 0% all ur troops are 50% strong.. so ur marines 10k strength at 0 morale would be 5k... so it wouldn't be 8k at 80%...
Also it does the same thing with infrastruture but just with the marines and panzers...

I hope this helped you a little (Sorry, I'm better with strats than formulas but I try haha)... if not I hope someone else comes by to give you better help.

Ripper (#5)
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27-Apr-2010 09:51:36 Quality: +1.

TUK mostly said everything, just wanted to add:

Infrastructure drops 10% at a time, and 0% = 25% less strength for marines and panzers (ground troops only affected by infrastructure)

10k marines @ 80% morale and 100% infrastructure = 90% overall strength
10k marines @ 80% morale and 0% infrastructure = 65% overall strength
10k marines @ 0% morale and 0% infrastructure = 25% overall strength

So basically each 20% drop in infrastructure (2 successful attacks or 2 destroy highway SEAL ops) is 5% drop in strength to marines and panzers.

As you can see, morale is the most important factor in how military performs (profile and computer enhancement aside).

Ripper (#5)
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27-Apr-2010 10:02:38 Quality: 0.

As for the disco formulas, I used to have the formulas but don't have them anymore. I'll point Mayhem in this direction and see if he has those formulas from EZHQ tools.
The Ultimate King (#29892)
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28-Apr-2010 08:18:05 Quality: 0.

Thanks Ripper for adding to my post..
harleq (#33692)
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28-Apr-2010 20:43:44 Quality: 0.

hey astronomical, If you don't have a set team for TS next set, i got a spot on NEN for you, msg me on MSN: . or msg me in game...just look for the yellow star and the chinese flag.
Astronomical (#34595)
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5-May-2010 06:28:03 Quality: 0.

thanks for the info. it has helped heaps
does anyone know of any mathematics programs that could aid me in getting the discovery formulas?you know; plug the data in, get an equation. i will have a look for one. be nice if i still had a graphics calculator...
Pollux (#24)
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5-May-2010 12:22:56 Quality: 0.

try contacting me if you still want that info/that tool.

icq 102175709
aim bjoernstroehlein
or ingame on teamserver: Tag der Arbeit (#44)

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