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Kama (#1)
Schoot DP Staff

10-Feb-2008 21:13:00 Quality: 0.

Added a section about global points in the start post.


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Weber-Wetiwed (#163)
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11-Feb-2008 01:03:01 Quality: 0.

I don't like the SET TIME that the reset ends, it needs to be a goal you have to reach.

Having a set limit just gives people the opportunity to plan an endjump and execute it properly, I like the old days where you had no idea when the reset was going to end so you had to guess and plan around that.

Also only 250 turns in neutral? that really doesn't give you enough time to get the Defenses and PDS needed before you come out of neutral.

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Jack (#2110)
Premium/Plus Member
11-Feb-2008 01:33:10 Quality: 0.

The rule changes look good to me
Jack (#2110)
Premium/Plus Member
11-Feb-2008 10:42:57 Quality: 0.

what is the rationale behind having the archive?

also, I think people in level 2 should only see level 2's archive - otherwise it's hard to work out which attacks happened on your level

• nitty • (#341)
Premium/Plus Member
11-Feb-2008 10:55:40 Quality: 0.

speaking of the archive

[SUG] remove the team search and replace it with the option to put another # there (like your own) so you can watch a battle

bewildered but amused

DocOzone (#28413)
Premium/Plus Member
12-Feb-2008 12:20:21 Quality: 0.

 Quote: Kama (#1) wrote:
1. The points are awarded according to level and ranking. This means that number 1 of level 2 is ranked right after number 50 of level 1 (Suspended countries excluded).

I'm pretty sure this is not very fair. The winner in Level 2, a very competitve server, has got to have played a !@$# good set. The poor fool who came in dead last in Level 1 still gets more points than him? That doesn't seem right. The global rankings will always be out of whack this way, with the 50 players in Level 1 getting great points regardless of how crappy they played last set. As these rules read, #50 is going to be rewarded this set for playing well last set.

I would recommend a sliding scale. Say we have (plucking numbers out of the air) 1000 points assigned to Level 1, 750 assigned to Level 2, 500 to Level 3 and 250 to Level 4. Now we could assign the available points to the players within their level on a logarithmic scale, with #1 in Level 1 getting the lions share of more points, #1 in level 2 getting a smaller lions share of fewer points (more players and less points to share), working down the levels. It's late, so I'm not going to work out a preceise formula for this, but I will if it seems something like this might get used. (Starting the Gauss series I'd guess, at 50 players I'd have a ration of 1275 to 1... hmm, if it wasn't after 3am I'd work this out now.)

What do you think? It would seem a fairer way to allocate points to me. Comments welcome.

Your pal, -doc-

ZharOO (#15948)
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12-Feb-2008 13:03:17 Quality: 0.

if #1 in lvl 2 made great this set, so it means he will get points fior atleast 50th place next set even if he didnt played any turns

everything seems ok to me

Jack (#2110)
Premium/Plus Member
12-Feb-2008 13:57:44 Quality: 0.

yeah, ti just creates an incentive to go up through the levels
Xci (#15)
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12-Feb-2008 14:08:26 Quality: 0.

Im puzzled why theres archives.... its so prone to vulturing....

Assumption is the mother of.......

Simon² (#596)
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12-Feb-2008 15:00:56 Quality: 0.

I don't see why there should be an archive in tournmanet server.

I'll just sit here at work and check the archives all day, wait for someone in my group to get fubared, then seal them and see what I want from them after they've been fubared.

!@$#, I may even be able to get sneak some final blows in and steal a bunch of discos and stuff. Easy pickings. Easy points.

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