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Kama (#1)
Schoot DP Staff

17-Mar-2010 23:39:05 Quality: 0.

Post your minor TEQ annoyances here...

I'll start:

- Pact list in team page should be sorted by tag, not by team name.

Best regards,


Vypa (#150)
TEQ Game Account

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17-Mar-2010 23:53:34 Quality: +3.

Kama having a job and a life outside of TEQ...
Tr@v|s (#15942)
TEQ Game Account
18-Mar-2010 00:40:57 Quality: 0.

what i posted:

Pollux (#24)
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18-Mar-2010 00:49:45 Quality: 0.

'RE:RE:RE:RE:RE: ... '
replying to a reply shouldnt add more then one 're' bevore the message title for IGMs

its just annoying

Ripper (#5)
TEQ Game Account
18-Mar-2010 01:34:12 Quality: +1.

When public market loads, if you click to another tab too quickly before everything loads it will highlight that tab but keep you on current tab, so you have to click another tab then click back. Happens on my laptop which is a bit slow..doesn't happen with new pc because page loads almost instantly. Also happens with attacks menu with attacks/seal ops/missiles.
Ferdinand Habsburg (#406)
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18-Mar-2010 06:06:14 Quality: 0.

That you can not edit or delete messages, it's getting too crowded

I have a dream..................

• nitty • (#341)
Premium/Plus Member
18-Mar-2010 09:04:35 Quality: 0.

when you check your market inventory
it tells you the time you put it on the market
it tells you the time it is gonna be returned from the market

but it dont tell you the present time

bewildered but amused

Supernat (#366)
Premium/Plus Member
18-Mar-2010 10:48:54 Quality: 0.

i have never perfer'd mod at least...
u sick !@#$**.
keep this thread on topic please.

 Quote: shawn101 (#1532) wrote:

I actually perfer mod.

Rotten to the CORE

GOING POTTY!!! (#18846)
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18-Mar-2010 11:34:28 Quality: 0.

invies. after you make 8 your have to scroll down make another then scroll down make antoher. maybe a drop down box saying you wanna make x amount of invies and probably another for filling them.

oh and while im at it max turns and no !@$#ing bread or bcs on market. if ther is none then would eb nice to see like in beta where the is some on always

Kama (#1)
Schoot DP Staff

19-Mar-2010 00:07:48 Quality: 0.

This is all good stuff ....

Best regards,


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