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Wyan TKS™ (#161)
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30-May-2008 15:30:05 Quality: 0.

whoo hooo go FUSE!


The Fisherman (#9269)
Premium/Plus Member
30-May-2008 19:10:57 Quality: 0.


gone fishing... (cod)

Lord Mad One (#437)
Premium/Plus Member
30-May-2008 20:48:54 Quality: 0.

"The points are based on the mid-set team rankings and are indicative. The actual rankings will be calculated at the end of each round, starting the may round."

hmm so I guess the 200m~ points we added since then haven't been added..sweet we might beat fuse .

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Is gonna clone Ellis

Vypa (#150)
Premium/Plus Member
30-May-2008 21:06:57 Quality: 0.

Probably not, we are going to kill you all in about 2 hours.
Lord Mad One (#437)
Premium/Plus Member
30-May-2008 21:50:03 Quality: 0.

Good thing we planned for such treachery! |saw|
Kama (#1)
Schoot DP Staff

31-May-2008 18:52:21 Quality: 0.

Ranks updated.


I am part of the conspiracy.

DeWillo (#8325)
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1-Jun-2008 00:37:51 Quality: 0.

 Quote: ZharOO (#15948) wrote:
yeah, no LIET... new scores... need some actives back to pull it to top

so what we all know who is the best when plays active : P (last time LIET was actively managed had top3 NW all the time?

and Im suprised that still some of you around here ;) to bad I dont have time for TEQ nowadays...;/

Weber (#163)
TEQ Game Account
6-Jun-2008 09:13:43 Quality: 0.

You guys were never very good back when I played.... and then I came back and you all quit because you couldn't team in tourney...

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NivoG[Semi-Retired][0nly GS] (#28762)
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7-Apr-2009 15:35:25 Quality: 0.

hmm no m0m0 :S
-=zLynxs=- (#4579)
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7-Apr-2009 18:00:29 Quality: 0.

Cause they suck

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