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Periander (#6713)
Premium/Plus Member
27-Nov-2006 20:48:05 Quality: 0.

I found this again, thought I'd repost it since it went missing.

I posted this on the AUS site but I figured I might as well post it here. It's not going to help everyone, (I'm not the final word on this strategy by a long shot), but it should give intermediate players a few tips that they may not know of.

A quick run down of it:


You can't startup as a WFer, (well, you can, but it's nigh on impossible at the beginning of the set unless you have 'friends'). Your best bet is to start up as a Techer, Cementer, or Solar Casher.

The easiest one to do is the Solar Casher startup, and there's one here taken from the TEQ boards:


Full Strat:

One thing that I'd like to stress, when you do a Solar Casher startup, wait until you have 100+ turns saved up, (you won't be playing until about the third day). The reason for this is simple, the price of goods and discoveries will have came down alot as the Techers and Cementers undercut each other.

Another point to add, you can do your startup until turn 100 and switch to a WFer within that next 50 turns, however, I would suggest that you build up until turn 100, then WO or research for the next 50 turns, because you will need a fair bit of cash to ensure a good OOP.

If you are a Techer, obviously try and get as much Military Production Discoveries that you can, but you will still sell it, because cash is more important at this point. Also, primarily research Construction Speed Discoveries.

Regardless of which you pick, I would try and have about 100 Barracks in your startup, and have your Barrack production to 100% SEALS.

OOP Switch

I will presume that you will be at turn 150 at this point, running a pretty much pure Solar/Techer/Cementer strategy.

Do not take any turns until you have atleast 100 stored, it's important that you do this all in one 'jump'.

Change your War Factory production, put Missiles at 0%, and 40% on Panzers. Ofcourse, how you set it up is a matter of personal preference.

You're going to need a certain amount of cash to do your switch. This can be calculated by adding together the cost of unassigning all of your buildings, plus the cost of all of the building components to do so.

A = Number of buildings.
B = Cost of unassigning 1 building.
C = Cost of 1 building component.
D = Amount of building components required to build one building.

Total cost of switch = (A * B) + (A * C * D)

You also are going to need Military Production Discoveries, Steel, Bread, and possibly also Building Components and Computer Enhancement if you are going to grab people. The costs associated with this will vary. I would simply try and have 1.5 times the cash that you require for the switch, as a good buffer.

It's unlikely that you'll find any SEALS on the market, buy some if you do, (but you have a few anyway because you built 100 Barracks to begin with).

If you have taken my advice and used your last 50 turns of your startup to pool resources, then you should have enough cash.

If you do not have enough for your switch, you have a few options. Either try for a long startup, which means, continue to run the strategy that you performed for your startup to get more cash, or, consider dropping land so that you do have enough cash to reassign, (you still need to pay the unassigning costs), or, switch as much as you can and when you make your next sales, then finish your switch.

The obvious problem with being out of protection is that you can be hit, and if you've only taken 50 or so turns out of protection, it's likely that you won't have produced much, and that you will be an easy target.

Switching is done by taking your cash out of the bank, unassigning a small portion of whatever buildings that you have, (enough for 1 to 10 turns worth of building depending on how lazy you are), buying the BCs that you need, puting your cash back in the bank, and then reassigning them as War Factories.

Also you now need to change your profile. Some people change their profile about halfway through their switch, although, if you were a Techer, you may even change your profile before you start switching. However, you can also set up your startup profile to accomodate Factory Production, (so that you can delay your switch until you are ready to start grabbing).

When you do decide to change your profile is up to you, because you will have a reduced building rate with your new profile, so the switch will take longer.

Set up your profile as follows:

Military Strength 130
Army Maintenance Costs 80
Private Market 120
Construction Speed 91
Discovery Effectiveness 115
Factory Production 125
Steel Production 75
Population Capacity 115
Solar Enhancements 80
Tax Income 115
Research Speed 85
Bakery Production 75
Missile Accuracy 80
SEALS Strength 72

After you have done your switch, your next goal will be to get 50 Super Structures.

Firstly, work your way up to 5k land by grabbing. WFers should have no problem attacking and defending at this point of the game.

You should be selling all that you can, and undercutting heavily to ensure that it sells.

Max out your Military Production discoveries, but don't worry too much about the others at this point, as the money is more important.

You now need to calculate the cash that you will need for SSes. At 5k land:

50 = Max amount of required SSes.
4m = Steel amount per SS.
400k = BC amount per SS.
A = Steel price.
B = BC price.

Total cost of X SSes = (X * 4m * A) + (X * 400k * B)

Don't try to get any more land once you have 5k, (except perhaps send 1 hour Planned Operations on small targets), simply build as many SSes as you can, saving a little bit of cash to buy excess Steel and Bread, (don't forget, don't play turns without Steel or Bread). Once you've built a batch of SSes, Work Overtime a few more turns, (not all of them), and sell. Repeat this until you have all of your SSes.

Once you've switched and gotten your Super Structures, then you can start playing normally.

A WFer simply works overtime unless they are attacking or building.

Don't forget that you must have Steel and Bread on hand.

Your Panzers should be your main strike force, even though Bombers are stronger there is a cap on the amount of them that you can send, and also, you have to waste a fair amount of your networth on Fighters to ensure your Bombers are successful. By this I mean that a Panzer heavy country of the same NW as a Bomber heavy country will able to LG more easily, because a Panzer heavy country can potentially have 100% Panzers, but a Bomber heavy country cannot. However, you should have Fighters, Bombers and Heavy Lasers for various reasons, the most important being that you want to build up a big Private Market.

I would not try and SEAL, but some people do. If you want to, you might think of dropping your Construction Speed profile and raising your SEAL strength. You probably also won't need BMSes until further in to the set, because you will have such a comparitively strong force. Just choose targets around your own NW, who are Land fat, (use your Land score list to find targets).

Also, you must check the archive for potential targets, type in their number and the tag of your team, type in 24-48 hours, (depending on policy), and search. If someone else from your tag, or yourself, has hit them in that time, find a new target.

If you have hit someone on that tag within 24-48 hours, you should also choose a new target. You can search this with the archive too by typing in your number and the opponents tag.

You will sell all that you can, heavily undercutting to begin with, but after 20 days you can basically start to raise the price, and after day 25, max price will usually sell, (although, there are alot of WFers these days, and I haven't finished a set in a while, so that may not necessarily be the case nowadays).

One important thing to note, if you are in the top 10, or are pissing alot of people off, (or your team is), start stockpiling PDS Discoveries, (and perhaps Missile Accuracy), and build 15% of your land as Missile Installations. If you do go to war, you'll need to change your profile, (and this will probably ruin your reset, because your Private Market jump will be very expensive):

Construction Speed 75
SEALS Strength 70
Missile Accuracy 130

Take your turns in jumps. Don't take small sets of 50 or less turns, you're better off waiting until you have 100+.

Because you will be playing turns in 100+ lots, you should use investments all the time. Create 10, 100 turn investments, (click on investments, and type in 10 and press create investment slot, 10 times). Log on 6-12 hours after you have put goods on the market, and put any cash that you have made in those investments, (you can save a 100mil or so for emergencies).

When you do take your turns, take your cash out of investments, buy sufficient Bread and Steel, (you can estimate approximately how much you'll need), buy some Building Components, and some Discoveries, (Military Production and Computer Enhancement are the most important for you, but Urban, Tax Efficiency and Maintenance are also important). Make sure you have some cash left, and put most of it in the bank.

Try to spend the first half of your turns getting as much land as possible, you don't have to reassign all of this straight away, just get your morale back up to 100% then hit, and repeat this cycle. Then go on a 1 hour planned operation on a small target, max out your discoveries as much as possible, build on any unbuilt up land, and work overtime.

Once you've finished taking all of your turns, sell all you can on the market, buy some SEALS and some Marines, (you need a few Marines to ensure that your Private Market doesn't max out), and as mentioned before, put almost all of your money in investment slots.

Once you reach day 20, reduce your hits, and start to save cash in your Investments. By this I mean, don't use this cash to grow, simply keep it.

Work out approximately how much cash you will need for your Private Market buyout. To do this, take the amount of units on that market, multiplied by the minimum price for each different unit, and add the cost of purchasing the Private Market Discount Discoveries that you need. I don't have the details on hand, and I'm getting tired of typing, so you'll just have to find that out yourself.

Then in the last few days, start maxing out your Private Market Discount Discoveries.

Then change your profile:

Military Strength 90
Private Market 80

You can go in to protection in the last two days if you wish, but it is up to you. One trick is to launch a Planned Operation, take all of your turns, and then go in to protection at the end of that, (your troops will return immediately).

On the last day, firstly, double check the amount of cash that you will need for your Private Market buyout, sell more goods if you need more cash. If you don't, then do not sell anything.

Take all of your turns, buy out your Private Market, and then buy anything on the Public Market if you have any cash left. Discoveries give you NW too, so if there's nothing else, and they are around 3k each, buy them.

!@$#, I was only going to type a paragraph or two, I think I need a rest.

Good luck.

Calm Blue Ocean...
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John Michaels (#9805)
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19-Feb-2008 13:03:54 Quality: 0.

Sorry, I dont agree with the profile.

WFs tend to be easy targets for sealers. I personally lower Tax Income and Population Capacity, to raise SEAL strength to atleast 130%

Whats the good in having money when you just need to buy discos with them?

KILLBOT (#13856)
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20-Feb-2008 10:51:27 Quality: 0.

hmmm good point...

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HY7 (#6231)
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20-Feb-2008 10:54:06 Quality: 0.

I like minimum SS...I'd rather use the 70 profile points in AM or TI/PC. You just can't get lazy with seals as you'll need probably about twice as much as you are used to buying.


Weber-Wetiwed (#163)
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21-Feb-2008 04:34:50 Quality: 0.

I don't have less then 140% seal str, and 130% military str in any strat :/

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The Prodigy (#21667)
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21-Feb-2008 04:42:03 Quality: 0.

CS @ 91 thts the dumbest thing i have ever seen it alwasy has to be max
POTHEAD (#18846)
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6-May-2008 18:10:33 Quality: 0.


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Periander (#6713)
Premium/Plus Member
3-Jun-2008 06:10:27 Quality: 0.

Heh, well it was a time and a place.

My efficient maxed SuperStructure WFers could keep up with you fatties. Plus, because you were thin, you rarely attracted alot of attention.

Although, I must admit, I never managed a 1st place with it.


KriSatZ HSK (#4490)
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3-Jun-2008 13:29:26 Quality: 0.

I'll try and group up when you can be active peri... i shall fine tune your WF

Everyone Loves The KriSatZ

Periander (#6713)
Premium/Plus Member
3-Jun-2008 14:57:52 Quality: 0.

Lol, didn't I teach you your first WFer start Kris?


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