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Ripper (#5)
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15-Oct-2006 04:48:11 Quality: 0.

Startup - Solar

*Note* You should play the beginning of this startup (until about 2.5k territories, around turn 75-80) when BCs are 45 or less and CS is under 11k. Play the second half when BCs are still cheap (under 45) and Space Mirror is under 12k.

- Sell military on pvt
- Change profile:

Property Weight Percentage Min-Max
Military Strength 3 71% (70-130%)
Army Maintenance Costs 3 80% (80-120%)
Private Market 3 80% (80-120%)
Construction Speed 3 120% (75-120%)
Discovery Effectiveness 3 115% (80-115%)
Factory Production 2 75% (75-125%)
Steel Production 2 75% (75-125%)
Population Capacity 2 115% (80-115%)
Solar Enhancements 2 115% (80-115%)
Tax Income 2 115% (80-115%)
Research Speed 2 85% (85-120%)
Bakery Production 2 75% (75-125%)
Missile Accuracy 1 80% (80-150%)
SEALS Strength 1 72% (70-140%)

Turn 1 - Build 30 panels
- Set tax to 29%
- Buy max territories (9)
Turn 2 - Build 30 panels
- Set tax to 33%
- Buy max territories (10)
Turn 3 - Build 30 panels
- Set tax to 36%
- Buy max territories
Turn 4 - Build 30 panels
- Set tax to 39%
- Buy max territories

From here, ASSIGN EVERY SINGLE TURN. Do not work overtime. Early on, buy max territories every turn and assign them until you start replenishing 30+ each turn. Buy CS once this happens and keep BPT at a steady 35 per turn. If it drops, buy a little more CS. RAISE YOUR TAX RATE 2% EVERYTIME YOU BUILD A TURN. Once you reach 65% tax rate, raise only 1% everytime you build. Stop raising tax rate at 74-75%.

Once you pass turn 50, you can spend excess cash on Space Mirror if you have plenty of BCs on hand (150k+).

Stop building around turn 120 and start buying pvt market out each turn. Do so until you have a base of 20k marines, 15k fighters, 10k bombers, 10k panzers, 30k lasers. Now simply keep it replenishing (keep available pvt market units under 3x what you own). Work Overtime 1 turn, buy any units needed and then spend excess cash on Space Mirror until turn 150. Then resell military on public market for near max price.

Around turn 140-145, your population growth should start to wane, and you want to start dropping tax rate 1-2% every turn that the growth drops to keep population gain at the highest and acheive the highest income possible. This should put you at 4k+ Solar Panels with around 30k+ Space Mirror and some military units to resell before leaving neutral. Leave neutral around 70 turns on hand, so that you can catch Space Mirror when it is still cheap. Max Space Mirror and then get to 4999 solar panels before building Superstructures. Build Superstructures as quickly and often as possible in order to get steel at its cheapest. Once you have maxed the superstructures you need, you can Work Overtime to give yourself 3-5B and then switch to your desired strategy.

Credit: Delirious and Kwis for much of this strat.

Alien (#110)
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15-Oct-2006 05:08:41 Quality: 0.

Ripper now everyone is gunna play my startup
Ripper (#5)
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15-Oct-2006 05:24:28 Quality: 0.

Where did you get that startup from Alien?
Alien (#110)
Premium/Plus Member
15-Oct-2006 07:49:31 Quality: 0.

i dunno ripper

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