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Garzahd (#27595)
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25-Apr-2006 01:35:56 Quality: 0.

Like the Barracker sticky topic. Holy crap, that seems so disciplined. I kinda just do as I go.

How important is a disciplined strategy?

DeWiLLo (#8325)
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25-Apr-2006 01:41:07 Quality: 0.

man, aplly to top10 teams, and if you get on one, be very importunate to your prez and ask him to train you or to find someone who would do that.

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Jack (#2110)
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25-Apr-2006 05:02:40 Quality: 0.

strategy is all important! You'll need many hundreds of billions of dollars to get into the top10. I suggest you join a decent team where they can teach you how to play the game with more strategy!
Greenman (#8491)
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25-Apr-2006 05:40:51 Quality: 0.

I think one should always have a game plan, and should obviously pick one type of buildings to specialize in. However, you do not need to follow such a strict set of rules like play every 17 hours, do 10 grabs a day or something. You need to be flexible to take advantage of opportunities as they present themselves, but there are always general guidelines which should be followed. For example, keeping your necessary discos maxed is a must, as is a profile to suit your strategy. Things like how often you play, and how many landgrabs you make when you play, should be flexible, because they depend in many factors. In the end, this game is about numbers and one choice will prove to be more profitable than the other.

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Garzahd (#27595)
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25-Apr-2006 13:12:03 Quality: 0.

A billion is not that much?



Well, next month I'll join a team and give this strategy thing a spin.

Napoleon (#599)
Premium/Plus Member
25-Apr-2006 13:27:41 Quality: 0.

A billion is what you should make at least every 5 turns at this point, every 2 turns if you want to be top10...

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DeWiLLo (#8325)
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25-Apr-2006 13:50:05 Quality: 0.

yeah.. what napo said.. after selling production I make around 1.5b a turn in TS and close to 2b in GS, well its less if we calc in money I spend for bread discos ect..

so 1b not that much at the end of set.. at the begining, its very much

YoRk3 (#17726)
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25-Apr-2006 16:40:09 Quality: 0.

u must have a strategy to be competitive. after that, comes the feeling and touch bissy is referring to. Rainbow countries will only win if they have much more land than its competitors (though they can win *points at Hoggins country last GS set*).

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shawn101 (#1532)
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25-Apr-2006 17:28:14 Quality: 0.

rich !@#$**s
Peck (#22589)
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25-Apr-2006 18:07:39 Quality: 0.

I have got some spare time, hit me up on MSN:

I'l talk you through some of TEQ's basic aspects.

I am by no means a pro/vet player, but i like to think i have a decent grasp on the game

So yeah, hit me up...

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