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Narayan (#8323)
TEQ Game Account

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18-Jan-2006 20:14:30 Quality: 0.

Making fun of you on president board ? You didn't even understand what I've wrote, so you decide I was joking of you. Stupid.

It was a start with 70%MS Techer. At the end of the set you would !@$# someone up anyway. Because you are stupid!

You call me n00b when you have never ever finished top10. Because you are stupid. You didn't pushed !@$# around. You were pushing it with your arrogant behavior. Unfair advantage? BSC were farming alot of groups and gained an unfair advantage.

Yes, it was training tag. I'll post it once again - go check GS board about recruiting. And I believe that stripes means alot to you And why we are guilty because we playing well ? Because I dedicated alot of time to teaching and writing strategies ?

Well, Pollux, you are !@$#** one. You will do what I will tell you to do, stupid !@$#. I just can't understand how people can be so stupid ? Pollux, with your (weight/brain mass) percentage you remind me a dinosaur

K®IS™ @ [HELL] (#4490)
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18-Jan-2006 22:06:42 Quality: 0.

Ive seen him play this many a time on group, on T4H last set, and on HSK. Hopefully a few months down the line we can tag up again. And its a good strat, nara is the master

Bringing !@$# Upon Earth - [HELL]

Why Has Everyone Stolen My Afraid Of The Dark Sig?

Are You Afraid Of The DARK? You Soon Will Be - [DARK]

Anaxares (#4665)
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18-Jan-2006 22:39:12 Quality: 0.

Is anyone interested in an Anti Pollux Alliance?

"Yes I take my shot of sarcasm every day"

Narayan (#8323)
TEQ Game Account
18-Jan-2006 23:17:12 Quality: 0.

Anaxares, he doesn't worth it
Vorr (#8898)
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19-Jan-2006 00:02:20 Quality: 0.

i rememb good times when pollux grab-raped me cuz i was small and had nice goods
old old pollux....No1 will change him
skitsystem (#27964)
TEQ Game Account
19-Jun-2006 20:12:18 Quality: 0.

How do you calculate efficiency lost for building mixed structures?
Thestral (#15572)
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19-Jun-2006 20:25:50 Quality: 0.

 Quote: What should you sell all set long?
It depends on market prices. I've made some calculations and there is my results:
Marines/Seals (580/1000), (550/950), (522/900), (492/850) (464/800), (435/750) (406/700), (377/650), (348/600)
It means that, for example, if you produce and sell seals for 1000$, your income would be the same as if you would produce Marines and sell them for 580$. I hope you understood that.

Disclaimer with this is that what you sell also depends on how much success you're having with SEALing (want to let SEAL count grow?) and that producing 100% marines gives a pretty big networth fluctuation which is a problem if you're playing outside say top15...

Arch Enemy - Diva !@$#*ica
Divine queen of evil
Sowing her seeds of hate
Mistress of pain
Diva !@$#*ica - Master of temptation

Medusa... abuser... both beast and beauty
Seducer... she'll use you... bring you to your knees

Blinded by her infinite beauty - you are lured into the temple
The smell of incense burning - this carnal pleasure yearning
Bride of !@$#*. - Transgress the rules of this world
Too late you realize - this love is ripping you apart

skitsystem (#27964)
TEQ Game Account
21-Jun-2006 05:17:58 Quality: 0.

Does setting your Private Market to 80 in the beginning of the game decrease the price of land?
Narayan (#8323)
TEQ Game Account

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21-Jun-2006 08:24:48 Quality: 0.

No, land price doesn't depend on profile configuration.
Alien]TC[ (#110)
TEQ Game Account
21-Jun-2006 15:01:06 Quality: 0.

Nice strat Nara! pitty about all the Girly pickon each other !@$# that followed/

maybe a Mod delete them posts?

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< KriSatZ (#4490) wrote:
Vorr you plank,, im talking about next set! JULY! >

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