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16-Jul-2009 16:25:18 Quality: -1.

For those of you that never played TEQ before, heres a quick overview about how the average player runs his country during the a round:

Start Neutral Turns

At the start of your round you will be in neutral mode. this means you cant be attacked and cant attack yourself. You are completely safe.

This neutral mode will last till you played 150 turns on team or 200 turns on groupserver. Then you will automaticaly leave neutral and be a possible target and agressor.

Use this time to build up your economy. Get land and discoveries to raise your production and income. Dont bother to buy military yet, the costs for purchase and upkeep will slow you down and in the end you'll end up weaker then those who didnt buy it.

Dont forget to set your profile to fit your startegy.

Comman strats to start with are: Cementer, Techer, Baker and Solar-Casher.

The first three should start very slow: COnstruct buildings till you run out of cash for land and buildingcomponents. Tech or WorkOvertime a few turns and sell your stuff. WHen your cash comes in, repeat. Dont burn all your turns while you are low on land, its a waste.

Cashers dont need to play like that, as they dont sell. They should wait for good market conditions instead (cheap tech and buildingcomponents).

Midgame, early

When you have played 151 or 201 turns on team- or groupserver you will be 'OON' out of neutral and now the game begins.

You want to have as much income as possible cause income buys military power. So you need to never stop growing land, but on the other hand you need to be able to defend it.

Land is your friend, but make sure you keep your discovery levels high too. They increase your income,but you dont look like a good target as easy.

Midgame, late

Somewhen the struggle for land reaches a point where grabbing becomes very profitable. this time, usualy aftre the 15th of the month, is the late midgame.

Now defending your land is realy important. rebuilding land is more cost intense then before.

Some strategys need more land then others, but the top countrys will all aim for 50000 land or more. And the race to be there first!

This is also the time of wars and market manipulation. so at this time the prices will jump quickly up and done, this can easily screw your strategy up if youre not playing it safe!

Possibly the military units on the public market will be very expencive now, as Warfaccers and Barrackers make a ton of cash and dont need to sell as much.


In the last 48h of a round the neutral mode comes available again for countrys that have acted peacefull for one complete day (24h without attacks).

Many players hold back huge stockpiles of cash to buy a huge load of military in the last days. They do so to save upkeep costs during the round.

So dont be surprised if you see the scoreboard change every few minutes on the last day!

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