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Che (#517)
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23-May-2005 22:54:18 Quality: 0.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I look up a description and explanation of all TEQ features?

How do I get out of neutral mode?

That depends on the servers. On every server, you have to play an X amount of turns before you leave neutral mode.

Team: 150
Group: 200
Individual: 500
Experimental: Infinite, there are no attacks on this server

What are SuperStructures?

SuperStructures, shortly "SS" are pretty new to TEQ.
SuperStructures are large industrial, technological and business centers which improve the production and earnings of your country. A SuperStructure is not a "real building", it's slightly different.
Each SuperStructure gives you 1% extra production. You can build them unlimited but it depends on your strategy how much extra production it can give.

Where can I find guides & strategies?

Apart from the TEQ Strategy Section:

Theres one other TEQ resource website, hosted by GMMTC:
(Used to be known as iRRaTioNal Z's TEQ Pages)


Always Under construction. This thread is open for additions. Not for spam and not for questions.

Che -Havana Club-
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kefyras (#7066)
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25-May-2005 16:25:01 Quality: 0.

How much SuperStructures needs each strat?

Beacher - 80 ss
Solar casher - 60 ss
Techer - 60 ss
all other strats - 50 ss

its only a game

Che (#517)
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26-Nov-2005 18:47:38 Quality: 0.

What is Experimental Server?

This server was a temporary server used by the GC's to test game features and formulas. This server has been gone for a while and it is uncertain if it will return in the future.

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astrodoom (#21692)
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26-Nov-2005 21:47:02 Quality: 0.

What is averaged NW?

Averaged Networth only occurs in Group Server and is figured by averaging the networth of the top 3 players of your group and adding that to your own NW. This occurs to everyone's NW at the end of the set. The score list will not show the averaged NW however so your placement on the score list and your finishing place may be different because of it.

What is percentage of completion?

Percentage of Completion occurs only in Fight Server (Individual Server).
Because FS has 2 requirements for completion (400m points and 1.2bill Networth) there is a percentage of completion. 400m points is half of the requirement so if you had 0 NW and 400m points you would have 50% completion. Percentage of completion is also factored at the end of set and does not show up on the score list.

Note: Fight Server ends when someone has 100% completion or when the newly implemented time limit (60 days) is up.

edit: Making it clearer.

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Che (#517)
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11-Aug-2006 03:43:58 Quality: 0.

Links are broken, where can I find the strategies nowadays?

Check out the strategies forum!

Periander (#6713)
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6-Jan-2009 09:03:34 Quality: 0.

 Quote: Che (#517) wrote:
This thread is open for additions. Not for spam and not for questions.

Also, I'd probably make a new thread somewhere else rather than use a stickied FAQ thread.


Give these a couple of days then hide the last couple of posts please.


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Xci (#15)
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4-Jun-2011 17:24:17 Quality: 0.

I have a good question...
So Erm... I started late it seems... anyone can point me to the "I Win" button?
Thanks alot

-edit: sorry spam

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The Ultimate King (#29892)
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5-Jun-2011 04:41:15 Quality: 0.

It's actually on the main page.. right above the "restart country" button

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