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• nitty • (#341)
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21-Aug-2017 20:42:44 Quality: 0.

there is an art to mixing
you have to get huge and you have to grow your PM early as this will be your main source of net at the end

your first goal is to get your 2 billion, this will give 8.7m interest per turn enough to grow your pm for a few days
to get your 2b your start up needs to be mostly beaches then you just work overtime after turn 150 until you get it
your start up should be close to 4380 land (30 a turn, 146 turns building)
every turn build 7-8 BC the rest BEACHES and a few BAKERIES
bank your excess cash and play your turns quick so you can dump that excess into an investment for when you play turn 151, if you do this right you could have more than 500m in your bank at turn 151

turn 151 you could still grow in size but don't spend too much as your goal is 2b

once you have your 2b you want to start to fill your INVESTMENTS, you would like to have them filled by turn 1200 cause once they are filled that is 8.7b interest per 100 turns... which is huge
so you want to start a 500 turn investment or 2 every time you play and flip your 2b into a 2-3 investments and play turns every second day

I am not goin to tell you how to set up but when you do start to get that interest from your 40b its nice to have LOTS of BC ;)

good luck everyone

growing your PM
once you get your 2b this is the formula I use
land * .5 (marine growth)
land * .38 (fighters)
land * .26 (bombers)
land * .25 (panzers)
land * .73 (HL)

to figure out how to buy for a PO before you start to play all them turns
you just make land your goal for that set of turns and then * the turns you plan on playin

you will end up with a little more net than you need... but this will also allow you to play turns, like getting some disco that you don't have worry about your PM

the winner will have the biggest PM

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Mal Kavian (#47)
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12-Sep-2017 14:44:47 Quality: 0.


Calm blue ocean..

Ripper (#5)
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19-Oct-2017 00:02:06 Quality: 0.

Mixing ... that's when you don't tear down the buildings you grab right?
• nitty • (#341)
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19-Oct-2017 02:30:14 Quality: 0.

no one is grabbing because there is nothing on the market so having a high MS makes no sense as you have to mix

someone could do a nice grabbing strat once they get their 40b and have max CE but they are most likely to get suicided on if they did do that

this game is just about getting a big PM now
and will stay that way until more players show up and a market develops

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Whiteroom (#26065)
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25-Oct-2017 20:41:08 Quality: 0.

So the entire set you just keep playing as a beacher primarily?

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