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• nitty • (#341)
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18-Aug-2017 11:14:03 Quality: 0.

every time I go to the public there is nothin for sale
is it just bad timing or is everyone just mixin everything like me?

bewildered but amused

Stapler (#23685)
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19-Aug-2017 01:19:09 Quality: 0.

I think everyone is just building their own stuff or buying off the private market. Even if the private market is a little more expensive it's worth buying off that I think, rather than fund one of the very few other people on each server. There's not enough people/supply for fair market prices, so you'd just end up super-boosting your rival by buying public market
D (#9521)
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21-Aug-2017 08:37:22 Quality: 0.

I tried selling but gave up and started mixing instead.. Nothing sold

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