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Che (#517)
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9-Jan-2007 15:55:27 Quality: +1.

Written by myself.

Note that this strategy is written for the newest players, you can easily finnish TOP100 with this strategy.

Start to play TEQ. (Beacher to BARRACKER )

Starting with Cementer or Techer is way better, they produce much more. But this is good enough for new players and for people who don't have enough time.

Before playing any turn go to Government menu and:

1. Sell all your army at private market
2. Set tax rate at 45%
3. Change profile.

The last thing requires more explanation. Scroll down in the government menu until you see Profile Changes. You can only change 3 times per set so don't waste your changes.

Chose a "Custom" profile cause we do not need any of those who are allready made for you. We are making your own startup profile.

We are going to do a Beacher start, so that means you will make a lot of money, we switch to Barracker at the endphase of your startup.

- Military Strength at minimum (You don't even have army to use in protection and you can't attack either)
- Army Maintanance costs at minimum (You don't want to pay for anything, so try to keep this at minimum)
- Private Market at minimum ( Low Prices ,so at minimum )
- Construction Speed at max (Cause you wan't to build fast)
- Discovery Effectiveness at max (Youre discoveries will work better)
- Factory Production at minimum (You aren't gonna make factories yet)
- Steel Production at minimum ( No iron mines)
- Population Capacity at maximum ( Some extra money)
- Solar Enhancements at maximum (it gives beaches more income)
- Tax Income at max ( Again some extra money)
- Research Speed at minimum (You are not gonna research.. so?)
- Bakery Production at minimum (Are you gonna bake your own bread [no] )
- Missile Accuracy at minimum( No attacks, no missiles in neutral )
- Seals Strength at minimum ( No seal ops in neutral either duh)

"If you do it good, you'll have 5 points left"

Then press save, you now used 1 of 3, the other 2 will come. So if you accidently saved it wrong, restart if you don't lose turns.

The game starts very boring:
In turn 1 untill turn 3 you asign 30 territories all the time (So you asign 90 territories) all at beaches.
You know have 10 unasigned territories and you want them Beaches, so you buy 20 from private market cause you don't want to asign less then you can asign per turn and you asign 30 again.
Then you go to private again and you see you are not able to buy another 30, so you buy all territories from your private market, you work one turn overtime, and you buy what you need to get 30 territs, then you asign them.

If you need bread (you must NOT run out of bread EVER!) buy some from public: no bread, don't play and wait till the next day.

Now if you asign territories, you will automaticly buy building components (cement) from you Private Market. There are building components (b.c's) on public too, if they're cheaper then Private (believe me, they are) buy them from there. They won't give you an alert when you run out of bc's cause if you can buy them for 100€ from private you don't hear your country complaining, but of course YOU want to buy them cheaper!

When you got some money left, you of course buy Building Components as described above, now, you also need to buy Construction Speed Tech, avaiable on the Discovery market. Do this when you get like 500 beaches. If you do this, you can asign more territories in one turn. You must do this! Or else you would waste to much turns on building! And try to overtime as LESS as you can. But you NEED Construction Speed to finnish faster.
Build beaches until you have 2500 beaches, or played 105 turns, whatever comes first. But building 2500 territories should be possible to to do in 90-100 turns.

You have 2500 beaches now, and you are planning to switch to Barracker.

(Things you need to switch
NOTE: Don't buy anything yet.
-> Building Components -> Calculate how much money of bc's you will need to asign all your territories again ( BC's needed per territory * territories )
-> Construction Speed Discoveries
-> Discos you need for your strat (these are Military Production Discoveries for the Barracker & War factory), you need it maxed for like +/- 3k territories
-> Enough bread to play all your turns.
-> Extra money to play your turns (you don't make money as a barracker and war factory)
-> If you are gonna play war factory strategy you'll need Steel too.
-> Money to unasign.

NOTE: When buying all those little things, watch your turns! Don't play more then 150 turns, cause you want to stay neutral for now!

How Much do you need of everything?
-Construction Speed discos so you can build like 100 territories per turn.
-Building Components, as I explained somewhere before.
-Discos for Barracks: Barracks should be at 175%.
-You can use your calculator to calculate how much money you need for unasigning (the price you can find on Territories menu)

These prices are not exact, but if you don't know how to calculate, these prices should give you an idea..
Unasign Price - ~140m euros
Building Components you need - ~3.391.275
Building Components price - ~170m (when prices are 50, you should try to buy for less than 40euro actually..)

Try to get all those things you need to buy as cheap as possible. For example: Don't buy Construction Speed for any higher prices then € 11,000, prices will allways drop Lower than 10,000 is possible to, so much better, and you are not gonna play till you have ~150 turns left, so why wouldn't you wait till prices drop?

I think you realise now that this is about to cost very much money! So we simply need to get money. Instead of building, work overtime to get 20% more production and you use your turns to get as much money as possible. As I said before it is VERY IMPORTANT that you stop at turn #150! Don't play turn # 151 cause maybe you'll ruïne your entire set then!

NOTE: To get much money, you must work two turns overtime, deposit on bank and continue the procces, to get interest rate (free money).

It is allmost IMPOSSIBLE, to get that much money, and buy all the things you need, so when you have 150 turns left, overtime some turns, and get what you still need.. Do not overtime more than 20 turns..

Now you played until turn # 150 and you have some money in your hands, you are still neutral and everything is going as we planned.

If you are on Turn 150, it is possible to have 450m euros! If you have WAY to less, contact your trainer.

Now we will save up turns , to get 150 turns left. 150 turns is the max amount of turns you can have left, so if you have 130 turns left and you wan't to play now.. just play.

So you overtime some turns, get the things you couldn't buy yet.. And some extra money to play turns if you don't have that,

NOTE: Read carefully, don't !@$# up.

Now we are going to switch. Check if you have enough building components and unasign the amount of territories you can asign per turn, unasign them and asign them to barracks.

Before reasigning: set production at 70% Marines, 30% Seals.

Now you have Barracks only, switch profile to (custom):

Military strength 130
Army Maintenance Cost 80
Private Market 80
Construction Speed 75
Discovery Effectiveness 115
Factory Production 125
Steel Production 75
Population Capacity 80
Solar Enhancements 80
Tax Income 80
Research Speed 85
Bakery Production 75
Missile Accuracy 80
SEALS Strength 140

Press “SAVE”.

You shouldn’t play turns without balance, so when you reasigned your beaches to Barracks, grab as much you can grab but don’t grab more then 3.5k territories.

Notes for grabbing:
• You need money for playing so keep at least the money you need before you grab more
• You need bread for your turns, * Watch out *: playing with no bread hurts so bad, you'll lose a LOT networth!

When you played all your turns sell all seals, and some marines.
You need them for playing turns and for your discoveries..

Allways try to balance your land and networth scores to keep growing

NOTE: And your discos level, allways watch it. Barracks at 175% is NEEDED

So if you are 75th with networth, try to get land ranked 70th.

From the money you get
1. Money to play your turns (don’t need that when bigger, and with more discos)
2. Bread
3. Discoveries
4. Other army

For the 4th option, a barracker makes a lot of Marines and seals, but you also need other forces like Fighters and Heavy lasers to lett your private market grow (this becomes important at the end of the set) and to have GOOD defences!

To keep your discovery level up, you allways can try to seal some other countrys, to steal their discoveries. But allways try to listen to the Unwritten Rules (TEQ-Etiquette), you don’t want to get killed.

Now here is a barracker TEQ Etiquette written by Bad13Jim for a good barracker round:

Barracker TEQ Etiquette:

- Do NOT SEAL any country more than once per 24 hours (not including BMS)

- If you get caught stealing from a country remove them from your list to SEAL or at very least do not visit them for another 72 hours and if you get caught a 2nd time then NEVER return again.

- You get 15 SEAL ops a day, try to get a list of at least 30 different countries that you choose to steal from that way you are only stealing from them once every 48 hours.

Strategy by: Che, the following etiquette is written by Bad13Jim:


Depending which route you chose to take SEALS should be your main means of income. If you chose SEAL barracker once your sales start to reach 2b per day start upping your marine production to aid your NW growth as well as make you less dependent on your Private Market which will translate into a larger end jump. Remember your only concern with your Private Market is keeping it from going 3x. Get only enough sales to fuel your growth and keep your Private Market from maxing out, the rest of your NW growth should come from marines. In general 2b money normally allows 1-1.5k acres of growth per day. Obviously the fatter you get the higher the land costs and of course a land grabbing marine barracker could probably survive off much less income.


In the last 7-10 days stop buying from your Private Market and focus on cherry picking the Public Market. Put the rest of your money into investments. When you have enough money put away for your end jump and no longer need to sell SEALS switch to 100% marine production. Reason being Marines NW far outproduce SEAL NW production wise but as far as the market is concerned SEALS are much more stable and bring you more money in return. 3 days before the end of the reset calculate how much it would cost to buy out your Private Market and tack on an additional 25% for the next 3 days turns. Now all the extra money you have (if any) is to be immediately spent on the Public Market cause it will be completely bought out by the last day. Make sure all excess cash is spent before 48 hours is left in the reset or it is just a waste not to mention prices are generally lower so be smart and plan ahead.

El C

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Che (#517)
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18-Apr-2008 02:30:32 Quality: 0.

600 reads did anyone ever do this ?

El C

The Ultimate King (#29892)
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18-Apr-2008 06:25:42 Quality: 0.

monmon (#34420)
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14-Aug-2008 19:52:24 Quality: 0.

I'm gonna try it!!!! I've only ever done a baker strat But this one seems solid and fun too ^^
Question: i'v heard ppl do a beach AND solar as a start-up strat, cuz after u have enough money to get discos, solar panels earn u more money (apparently)... isn't that better? Or is there some down side to it....

<3 Berz

The Prodigy - Retired [PIMP] (#21667)
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15-Aug-2008 02:18:18 Quality: 0.

Solar to Baracker is alot more effective then beacher
The Prodigy - Retired [PIMP] (#21667)
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15-Aug-2008 02:19:23 Quality: 0.

and monmon i wouldnt mix them go one way or the other i suggest solar to baracks its pretty strong top 3 without alot of trouble
John Michaels (#9805)
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15-Aug-2008 10:47:43 Quality: 0.

Would need some editing about the top100 part. I restarted my country in GS, and was on place 103..

I think you can get top40 if you actually run a proper strat

Enraged (#10807)
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15-Aug-2008 12:35:33 Quality: 0.

I might give this version a go

Anticipation of death is worse than death itself

shawn101 (#1532)
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15-Aug-2008 17:16:11 Quality: 0.

techer to barracker is the best. I pwn that one
monmon (#34420)
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22-Aug-2008 22:10:39 Quality: 0.

ROFL!!! being the no0b that i am i totally thought TS stood for tournie server and not team server.... and followed the strat in tournie
oh me.... was wondering y I would swap to barracker already at 150 turns
Well its not tooo disastrous so far... saved by bf

<3 Berz

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