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zFoxHound (#4300)
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17-Oct-2016 11:24:17 Quality: 0.

Anyone around still play?

Got back into it this xpac after Warlords of Dreanor sucked monkey balls. Been having a blast so far and have not had any other time to play anything else.

Horde Stormscale if anyone still plays. Would love to do some mythics or w/e with people here still

Mal Kavian (#47)
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18-Oct-2016 03:05:41 Quality: 0.

I quit during world of garrisons for near 2 years, but also came back to suss out legion.. been pretty good so far.

Calm blue ocean..

zFoxHound (#4300)
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21-Oct-2016 13:43:53 Quality: 0.

Wow still on Jubei'Thos huh? I remember creating a DK back in wrath on that server but never played it. I quit during stupid garrisons too but after I killed heroic Archi.

Ripper (#5)
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3-Nov-2016 02:02:59 Quality: 0.

Luckbox#1335 add me fox
Hekate (#12017)
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19-Nov-2016 01:11:18 Quality: 0.

Hekate#2419 for anyone interested in playing together a bit
zFoxHound (#4300)
TEQ Game Account
30-Nov-2016 09:29:50 Quality: 0.


Thanato#1658 if anyone is interested too. I will try and add when I log in tomorrow.

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