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Yim (#7)
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6-Feb-2023 22:05:05 Quality: 0.

Hey everyone!

Saw this the other month and thought of you all. No idea what TEQBALL is either...! haha

I had to learn how to host images again just for this post! Let's see if this works at all!

EDIT: Ok, no idea if thumbnails were ever possible, I will just leave it as a direct link then and you guys can work out how to copy paste!

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Yuri (#3268)
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7-Feb-2023 21:03:54 Quality: 0.

Not one for sports, but hey who doesn't enjoy some TEQ every now and then.

EDIT - Sorry Yim, couldn't get the image either. I know we were able to at one point in time.

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~Hidalgo~ (#102)
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29-May-2023 11:40:08 Quality: 0.


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~Hidalgo~ (#102)
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29-May-2023 11:41:49 Quality: 0.


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