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Yim (#7)
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6-Feb-2023 22:23:00 Quality: 0.

 Quote: Northstar (#40160) wrote:
Hope everyone is doing well. I was initially part of TEQ back in the original days from day 1 (I believe i was the 27th account or so). I founded what became known as the Dark Knights. I only played for about two years but all my memories from those times were very positive. My memory for autobiographical events is not the best so I'm very cloudy in this area around names and such. I have very little left from those times, no working ICQ to keep in touch and the email I was using is long gone.

I do remember the feelings very well however and excitement of logging in multiple times a day to check the markets, coordinate wars, or just chat with members of my alliance. They were simpler times when I had a lot less responsibilities and freedom. I miss them so much. Its sad to think it's been 20 years... And wow how has the internet changed.

A lot has changed for me since that time. I got heavily involved in online poker in 2005, 4 years later dropped out of my PhD program in the final year, moved to a new city. I never thought I would have kids but I now have a two year old daughter. I suppose my life is pretty good.

I wish I remembered more

Great that others have the same feelings/problems!!! I can remember bits and pieces, but I wish I could remember more.

Good to see that a few others check in occasionally too. And a great life update as well, good to hear.

Yim (#7)
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6-Feb-2023 22:24:36 Quality: 0.

 Quote: Pez (#324) wrote:
I founded/ran The Radicals, which was an on-and-off team. I know I helped run another team, but I don't really remember which? The diplomacy of the team server was what really hooked me.

Solaria === Earth2025. That game was so much more populated than TEQ, but didn't have the same appeal, for whatever reason. TEQ's peak was over a thousand players (2k maybe, but ~half that were actually active). Earth2025 had tens of thousands of players, but as it turns out, half of them were HAN (Korean alliance) bots and Res Dogs multis.

Yeah, I played on both iterations of [SWAT] - Star Wars All-Stars Team. MM was a maniac, it was too much fun playing on a team led by him. As I recall, we got in epic wars every time, and still managed to compete/win the team networth title.

Banana was run by Raptor. LMO was a big part of that team.
$$$$ I remember, but don't recall who ran that one. I think Ripper was in that team for a while? I was never on either of those teams. LMO and I had a huge love-hate relationship, we loved to debate/argue on the forums about anything and everything.

And yea, the Dark Knights were one of the longest-running teams in the game. Along with RAGE.

Good times.


Yeh, I think it was Ripper and $$$$, I have memories of being there a few times at least.

Also agree, Earth2025 had more people, I tried it a few times, but it just didn't hook me. Wasn't the same.

IceDawg (#221)
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12-Apr-2023 13:21:34 Quality: 0.

Man I remember playing this game for a long time, but was never super active on the forums. I remember most of the names I've seen on the forums though. Miss this game though like others said I can't remember a lot of specifics. This game helped rid me of boredom in school and when my turns were finished I would hop over to earth2025 and spend turns only to come back here and make sure I was on every server. Never a high finisher or anything, but loves this game. I haven't done much, but survived being trapped in a tornado. Definitely take warnings and stuff seriously. Get yourself and those you care about to safety, don't be dumb like I was.

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