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Neo (#54)
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21-Sep-2021 21:43:30 Quality: 0.

I can remember way back when on these forums, certain people talking about investing in crypto, before bitcoin became a name almost everyone seems to know now. Or the advice to invest in gold now! (back then) before the price rose dramatically (pretty sure it did). Numerous others I'm sure I was too young and/or stupid to pay attention to or care about at the time. Seriously, if I had spent $100 on bitcoin back then...even $10.

Anyone actually do any of those things?


Ripper (#5)
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22-Sep-2021 04:49:54 Quality: 0.

I've owned crypto since 2017, bought bitcoin for 3500-4200 back then but most I converted to alts. Currently largest position is in ADA (cost basis ~ .15-20) which is being staked for 5%+ yield.
Yuri (#3268)
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22-Sep-2021 22:16:27 Quality: 0.

I've never had any desire to invest in crypto. I know many people, not just on here, who say it's the way of the future, but I think it's a trap that a lot of people are falling for.
~Hidalgo~ (#102)
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23-Sep-2021 16:21:49 Quality: 0.

I'm in, since 2017 just like Ripper. Largest position in ADA, just like Ripper. Man, never thought he and I were so similar!

And for those who are a bit more into this: WMT Earth node and Waves pool coming up

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