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Neo (#54)
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21-Sep-2021 21:43:30 Quality: 0.

I can remember way back when on these forums, certain people talking about investing in crypto, before bitcoin became a name almost everyone seems to know now. Or the advice to invest in gold now! (back then) before the price rose dramatically (pretty sure it did). Numerous others I'm sure I was too young and/or stupid to pay attention to or care about at the time. Seriously, if I had spent $100 on bitcoin back then...even $10.

Anyone actually do any of those things?


Ripper (#5)
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22-Sep-2021 04:49:54 Quality: 0.

I've owned crypto since 2017, bought bitcoin for 3500-4200 back then but most I converted to alts. Currently largest position is in ADA (cost basis ~ .15-20) which is being staked for 5%+ yield.
Yuri (#3268)
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22-Sep-2021 22:16:27 Quality: 0.

I've never had any desire to invest in crypto. I know many people, not just on here, who say it's the way of the future, but I think it's a trap that a lot of people are falling for.
~Hidalgo~ (#102)
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23-Sep-2021 16:21:49 Quality: 0.

I'm in, since 2017 just like Ripper. Largest position in ADA, just like Ripper. Man, never thought he and I were so similar!

And for those who are a bit more into this: WMT Earth node and Waves pool coming up

master of disaster (#15067)
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4-Nov-2021 15:57:10 Quality: 0.

Based on info from the likes of Dan Pena I would get out of bitcoin asap.
It looks like XRP Ripple is a good play.
DOGE as well.
But Dan Pena claims bitcoin will crash and be worth zero.
It was used for the darkweb and trafficking humans and children and the payment for the adrenochrome market.

I WAS NEVER a fan of crypto because of prophecy but now realize it is inevitable due to the present corruption exposed of the absolute graft from fiat currencies.
They used fiat to create boon/bust cycles and the biggest tax of all, inflation.
They stole $Quintillions from us in less than a century.

The problem with crypto and blockchain within a Quantum Financial System though is that A.I. will first manage it and ultimately control it.

Yuri (#3268)
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4-Nov-2021 20:34:58 Quality: 0.

I don't trust A.I. to mange and control anything.
master of disaster (#15067)
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6-Nov-2021 16:14:06 Quality: 0.

Your cashier start will have plenty of money to buy bread and military.
Your markets first

The crypto for the win will be asset backed like CPR (gold).

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master of disaster (#15067)
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7-Nov-2021 18:11:50 Quality: 0.

Dang it
CPR=XRP above

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