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VIPer7 (#134)
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26-Mar-2020 07:49:38 Quality: 0.

Last night I woke up at 4 am from a "nightmare". Here's what happened in my dream: I had just come out of neutral in fight server and was about to play my 250 turns, but then I got disturbed and had to leave the computer. So my precious country was sitting there with lots of money on hand and hardly any military. What a scary thought!!

To be honest, I didn't actively think about TEQ for months, probably for years! But nevertheless it seems like this game is still somewhere in my subconscious. And I guess it will forever stay there - from 2001 to ~ 2005 TEQ was a really big part of my life!! I've now spent the last 2 hours browsing through some old files... good memories!

I hope everybody who's still reading here from time to time is still doing well, especially in the hard times that we're currently going through. Stay healthy!

King Orbital (#359)
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29-Jul-2020 02:57:42 Quality: 0.

Hahahah what a great dream
Muzza (#1691)
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30-Jul-2020 12:16:41 Quality: 0.

Haha great read. I come here every now and then as well. Lotsa great memories to this game!

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