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Country (#40105)
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30-Mar-2020 01:25:23 Quality: 0.

Hey everyone i could not remember my old password.
Raidon (#2332)
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6-May-2020 17:52:58 Quality: 0.

I think about this game like 4 times a year... always check it.. and happy to see its up..

I miss the days on fight server, where you could be top 100 with just turrets and seals

Raidon (#2332)
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6-May-2020 17:54:02 Quality: 0.

Just noticed "Advocate of Light" - I played against this guy many times...

lol the memories

MaVeRiCk (#262)
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7-May-2020 04:23:54 Quality: 0.

Lord Mad One (#437)
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13-May-2020 21:12:46 Quality: 0.

Oooga booga...

!@$# this place is still alive. So many memories. If Kama ever finds the time to make a mobile game, I'd happily pay for it as would most I'm sure. Money is no longer an issue, neither is shoddy internet connections .

I hope you all are staying well..I miss the times with TPA and Raptor and my two favorite Canadian buddies(you know who you are) as well as Rathi and so many more folks. I deleted my social media so I don't have contact with folks on there..

King Orbital (#359)
TEQ Game Account
29-Jul-2020 02:56:57 Quality: 0.

I miss you guys.

Playing a turn based strategy game called Uniwar the past five years. I am Duaneski on there if any of you guys check it out.

I'm in a somber mood, a guy died in Uniwar a few weeks back. But we just found out today. It immediately made me think of Playteq back when that young kid died. My memory betrays me and I can't remember his name.. so I came here to check. Newbie, maybe? I remember he was on RAGE, I think, and seemed like such a good kid.

I was in awe how this community came together around that.


Miss you guys.

Actually... I got an old laptop now. Can't run many games on it...... but maybe I'll make a country next set


IceDawg (#221)
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29-Sep-2020 03:16:50 Quality: 0.

I decided to come back and say hey to anyone who happens to check this. Been a while since I've been to the site and even longer since I posted since I never really posted all that much. Glad to see the site still running though...miss the days of 1000+ players...good times
Mugen (#52)
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16-Oct-2020 08:19:09 Quality: 0.

Guess I'll add to the trickle. Can't believe my account still works. Hi everyone.

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k. (#30818)
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18-Oct-2020 23:30:33 Quality: 0.



Kama (#1)
Schoot DP Staff

22-Oct-2020 16:37:13 Quality: 0.


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