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Cloudy (#29374)
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9-Mar-2018 19:43:39 Quality: -1.

can someone tell me how many much population is left when i start missiling and it kills 100. It's a formula right?
Blender (#17215)
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10-Mar-2018 01:58:21 Quality: 0.

It depends on three factors:
1) How rude and annoying you are to other players.
2) Your continued harassment of veteran players.
3) How long you carry a grudge from set to set.

You're batting a thousand on each, you can figure the math out from there.

Kakarot (#1873)
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23-Mar-2018 14:12:28 Quality: +3.

ChronicHoBo (#25847)
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13-Aug-2018 18:07:08 Quality: 0.

I miss you guys. I've fond memories. I was looking last night online for Earth 2025 to see if it was still around as well. Of course, login here still works and I check back every couple of years. Glad to see it's alive (barely).

Some newbie.

U N I Q U E (#96)
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15-Aug-2018 05:19:26 Quality: 0.

Oh, dear lord. I miss this.
Mendelsohn (#138)
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27-Aug-2018 04:28:12 Quality: +1.

Wow, it has been a while...such a fun game! Alas life, kids, etc get in the way. Fun to see the domain is still active and there is some occasional activity.

The Fighting Hellfish

RoCK not Roll (#39970)
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18-Sep-2018 21:51:00 Quality: 0.

Well, I think it's been about 15 years for me. MM, how are you? Email me sometime to catch-up and congrats on the game lasting the test of the evolving internet.
zGwpn (#60)
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15-Oct-2018 04:16:38 Quality: 0.

Major props to Kama/MM, it's such a kick to randomly check in and see this place still exists.

Well wishes to all the old school folks that see this


Kama (#1)
Schoot DP Staff

16-Oct-2018 10:56:51 Quality: 0.

I'm happily surprised that this game after all those years is still being played by a handful of people. The site is basically running fully by itself. It does the resets etc. all automated....

Right now the change I'm considering to make is to install a ssl certificate for logging in...

(and I still want to make a mobile game out of this, but I don't have the time)


~Hidalgo~ (#102)
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23-Oct-2018 21:03:25 Quality: 0.

As I said earlier... a mobile game would really be worth it!

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