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Rathi (#225)
TEQ Game Account

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2-Nov-2017 02:05:25 Quality: 0.

!@$#, you old farts still alive?
Kama (#1)
Schoot DP Staff

7-Nov-2017 12:03:13 Quality: 0.

yes. I'm alive.

Best regards,

-=zLynxs=- (#4579)
TEQ Game Account
8-Nov-2017 18:37:36 Quality: 0.

Alive and kicking...
Sir Robin (#23112)
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23-Nov-2017 19:16:49 Quality: 0.

Holy shiiit. what up everybody? yo Foxhound! u doing aite? lol
Rex (#845)
TEQ Game Account
24-Nov-2017 22:06:59 Quality: 0.

Dropping in and surprised that TEQ is still here. Good work Kama and MM.

It's like 15 years since we wreaked havoc here as TKS.

Hope you all had a good 15 years since then and keep going strong!

/Rex TKS

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