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The Lone Outsider (#42)
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17-Dec-2016 16:01:29 Quality: -1.

Good to see theres still a few degenerates about the place...
Happy hunting to you all.

[]TC[].... it never leaves you.....

Mal Kavian (#47)
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29-Dec-2016 05:27:46 Quality: -1.

Haha, sup TTB
I stopped playing this the other month but will check in every few months

We had a good few months of ]TC[ earlier this year, shame you weren't around for that


Calm Blue Ocean

Drayton (#24586)
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13-Apr-2017 06:09:36 Quality: -1.


What's up, mate?

It's been a long, long, long time.

Mal Kavian (#47)
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19-May-2017 10:17:44 Quality: -1.

Wow jeeze.. it has indeed been a while, Drayton!
How's life?

Calm Blue Ocean...

Ptero (#28212)
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6-Jun-2017 07:49:07 Quality: -1.

I still remember some of these names. Scary!
k. (#30818)
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2-Jul-2017 17:34:27 Quality: 0.

will it ever die?


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