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Pollux (#24)
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28-Aug-2006 15:05:46 Quality: 0.

After several complains that the moderators were inactive or unfair there was a discussion on the moderatorboard. The result is this list of guidelines for players and moderators. Its ment to tell you what is allowed on this board so none of your threads needs to be closed, and its ment to help the moderators to treat everyone the same.

Board Rules for General Discussions

- Only post about things that dont fit into a more specialised board
- Feel free to discuss everything you want, but check if there allready is a thread with the same theme to avoid doubleposts. Those would be treated as spam.
- Stay on the topic of the thread
- No spamming allowed (this includes quoting a 50 line text and only adding 2 words).
- No flaming of people.
- Dont use offensive words.
- When a new player asks for help embrace their presence and dont scare them away with useless remarks.
- Dont comment on someone elses grammar or spelling mistakes. This is an international community and not everyone is fluent in english.
- If you create a thread in a language other then english please make sure not to talk about players that dont understand that language. This is concidered unpolite behaviour by many players.

- Respect the moderators:
a. do not call them biased for 'only' hiding your posts. You dont know how many posts are hidden.
b. when a mod tells you to stay on topic dont continue your personal issues on the board
c. if a mod locks a thread dont open another one to continue the topic unless he says so in his closing post

Kama (#1)
Schoot DP Staff

22-Mar-2008 13:44:57 Quality: 0.

Additional rule:

- If you post something (e.g. a link, picture, movie or text) that is not suited for all public, or is not suited to be watched e.g. at work, in a public library or school, you should mark your post by adding [NSFW] (Not Suited For Work) to the subject of your post.

Failing to do so, will result in your thread being closed and hidden and a temporary misconduct ban from the forums.

The rule does not apply for threads created before March 22nd 2008.


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