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Kama (#1)
Schoot DP Staff

11-Feb-2022 20:50:16 Quality: 0.

Did I ever create this in VBScript.


Yuri (#3268)
TEQ Game Account

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11-Feb-2022 21:25:22 Quality: 0.

Because you love us.
Simon² (#596)
TEQ Game Account
14-Feb-2022 20:23:21 Quality: 0.

You must immediately convert all TEQ code to Assembly, and require us all to purchase Raspberry PIs to play the game. Good luck.
Pez (#324)
TEQ Game Account

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16-Feb-2022 09:21:04 Quality: 0.

Hahaha, I transitioned back to my roots as a computer geek when the pandemic hit. This is funny.

Kama, let's collab on a React Native port of TEQ!!! (I'm kidding... unless you want to do it, then I'm in!)


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