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Ancalagon the Black (#3770)
TEQ Game Account

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12-Dec-2017 20:00:33 Quality: 0.

I just started playing again after being away for probably 15 years. It would be cool if the public market was alive. I always thought the market aspect of TEQ was the what made it so interesting.
Mal Kavian (#47)
TEQ Game Account
16-Dec-2017 09:09:53 Quality: 0.

Hell you could almost make teq an idle game and i think it'd be successful lol.

Make it so!

Kama (#1)
Schoot DP Staff

19-Dec-2017 20:35:09 Quality: 0.

Sorry, forgot to apply the changes in the december round... We have to do it in the January round.


• nitty • (#341)
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20-Dec-2017 18:10:50 Quality: 0.

Ryushinaka (#830)
TEQ Game Account
22-Dec-2017 08:40:42 Quality: 0.

Imho perhaps a sort of npc country system to keep the population above a certain lower limit. Then have theae same countries play the market and optionally have a go at cimbat or seal ops. I vaguely recall a distant reaet where i abused the infinite restarts permitted at the time to achieve influence over the market. By having fewer actirs it allows for easier abuse or misuse as you well know.
The Ultimate King (#29892)
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30-Dec-2017 07:41:53 Quality: 0.

With the new year coming around.. it always makes me think of Kama and his late Happy New Years posts.. (not even one posted for 2017!).
I figured I'd check this site out and saw this post. I am kinda interested in checking it out again if the market is like this.
Last time I played those numbers seem a bit low (people were easily buying discos at 18k, ect), but with the player size that it is now, those might be the right prices. I'll have to see if I play next month.
• nitty • (#341)
TEQ Game Account
4-Jan-2018 02:00:53 Quality: 0.

thank you kama
the market looks good...
any chance you can get it loaded earlier?
not having it available during your start up kind of sucks

but it do look good
thanks again

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