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Kama (#1)
Schoot DP Staff

23-Mar-2010 22:32:01 Quality: 0.

 Quote: Ferdinand Habsburg (#406) wrote:
 Quote: The Ultimate King (#29892) wrote:
Tournament server should just be two levels now... I played less than 200 turns two sets ago and was dropped to level 2. Last set I didn't even play 1 turn and was kept in level 2..... if I don't even have to play a turn and I can stay in level 2, then there isn't even a point for level 3.

Either that or you update the requirements to jump from level to level cuz it seems less people are playing it now, not sure their reasons, mine is no time, who knows why they aren't playing though, but the point is there isn't enough people playing for how it is set up.

Anything on that yet ?????????- Kama

This is not a minor annoyance... so i'm ignoring it in this thread. It's under my attention though.

Best regards,


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• nitty • (#341)
Premium/Plus Member
24-Mar-2010 01:20:54 Quality: 0.

 Quote: Kama (#1) wrote:
 Quote: &#8226; nitty &#8226; (#341) wrote:
when you check your market inventory
it tells you the time you put it on the market
it tells you the time it is gonna be returned from the market

but it dont tell you the present time

What I *could* do is display the time remaining on the market (hours:minutes), instead of return time... What do you think?

Best regards,


yeah if you cant just stick the time and date at the top of the page, it would be a good option

bewildered but amused

Kama (#1)
Schoot DP Staff

24-Mar-2010 08:55:17 Quality: 0.

I could do that, but I am not sure if the current way of displaying the return time is really useful... Or whether it would be more useful to show the remaining time it is on the market.


Supernat (#366)
Premium/Plus Member
30-Mar-2010 22:46:53 Quality: 0.

if someone has no problem with fighting in tourney...
points out to everyone that the flags and ranking in tourney is ok cause it should get harder as u go up the ranks...
then when fubared and farmed, not killed messages ingame saying I will stay up all night to stonewall you.

Then messages ingame saying this is good i have never fought with you before supernat.

Then after I have unloaded all my turns and seal opps on him for 3 days (not killing on purpose) to ensure he suffers slowly from the loss of resources he DELETES...

What does that say about showing the ranks and flags in tourney?????

he was targeted to prove a point that the ranks and flags can be used to target players for no particular reason other than his rank and flag...

I state again showing the ranks and flags in tourney is wrong and should be rethought...

 Quote: Pollux (#24) wrote:
in fact i thought it was about you, not me

Supernat: #46
I did the same as last set: i got fat with am oon kill. come and get my land, i got no problem with fighting on tourney

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Rotten to the CORE

Kama (#1)
Schoot DP Staff

1-Apr-2010 10:54:43 Quality: 0.

When I start feeling better again I'll fix all of this... I have this terrible cold for 2 weeks now almost... including a middle ear infection...


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Pollux (#24)
TEQ Game Account

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4-Apr-2010 16:47:16 Quality: 0.

The archive search allows you to enter two teams to show only attacks between those two.

could this be changed for tourney so that it can be used with two country numbers instead?

Kama (#1)
Schoot DP Staff

5-Apr-2010 00:07:47 Quality: 0.

Feeling a lot better now... Going to start fixing things again.

Best regards,


Alias (#1143)
TEQ Game Account
9-Apr-2010 01:47:52 Quality: 0.

I haven't been reading all the annoyances....

But did someone mention that you can not reply on messages ingame in FF??

GOING POTTY!!! (#18846)
TEQ Game Account

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9-Apr-2010 03:00:43 Quality: 0.

fix the invies
The Ultimate King (#29892)
TEQ Game Account
9-Apr-2010 05:17:51 Quality: 0.

make it so you can have 100 investment slots... and they max at 400m each.. hahaha

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