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Kama (#1)
Schoot DP Staff

10-Oct-2004 23:07:34 Quality: 0.

Welcome to the Technical Support and Suggestions forum

In this forum you can post problems or bugs you find during playing TEQ and post suggestions for the game. No subscription required.

Before posting a problem or suggestion, please check if there is no (recent) thread already concerning the topic that you are about to start. Multiple topics on the same subject are not very useful, and the moderators will close the new thread. Furthermore the existing topic may - even though it is closed - already contain the solution to your problem. Please post in a useful thread if the thread has been useful. This will show future posters that this has been a useful thread, and prevents it from being deleted (inactive threads are deleted).

You can find threads by using a keyword search:

When posting a problem, select a descriptive topic. Something like "HELP" or "Major bug found" is not description. Something like "[BUG] error when trying to attack neutral country" is more descriptive. This will get your answer sooner and will be more useful for future visitors with the same problem

When posting, try to be as complete as possible. At least post the game server in which you found the problem. Also try to post the error message (when applicable) and a reproduction scenario. When there is no error message, try to describe why you think there is a problem.

When posting to an existing thread, make sure that you are adding something useful to the discussion. Useless posts are removed by the moderators.

Bugs that have been reported and that have been fixed will be closed. I try to add something useful to the thread when the bug is fixed, such as how it was fixed or what the cause has been.

In case you have a personal account problem, mail Posting here will not help you since other visitors will not be able to help you. Also in case a very urgent problem has been found, do not only post here, but also send a message (, the moderators and GC's are not checking this board every minute.

Useful links to solve common problems

Retrieve account information
Send authorization code

Thanks for reading this before posting

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Jan (#202)
Premium/Plus Member
15-Jun-2007 10:22:21 Quality: 0.

some new developments have taken place: Kama now has a list of features and bugs he's working on:

Please check that out before posting.


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