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Hunter (#14128)
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12-Mar-2010 20:28:47 Quality: 0.

Board Rules for Politics and/or Religion

- Only post about things that don't fit into a more specialized board
- Feel free to discuss everything related to Politics and/or Religion you want, but check if there already is a thread with the same theme to avoid double-posts. Those would be treated as spam.
- Stay on the topic of the thread
- No spamming allowed (this includes quoting a 50 line text and only adding 2 words).
- No flaming of people. Trolls should be found in books like "Lord of the Rings", but not here in those board for naming fellow participants.
- Don't use offensive words.
- When a new player asks for help embrace their presence and don't scare them away with useless remarks.
- Don't comment on someone else grammar or spelling mistakes. This is an international community and not everyone is fluent in English.
- If you create a thread in a language other then English please make sure not to talk about players that don't understand that language. This is considered impolite behavior by many players.
- If you post something (e.g. a link, picture, movie or text) that is not suited for all public, or is not suited to be watched e.g. at work, in a public library or school, you should mark your post by adding [NSFW] (Not Suited For Work) to the subject of your post. Don't put [NSFK] (Not suited for Kids) as that will have naturally the opposite effect (except you post a link for "Politics and/or Religion" related homework).

- Respect the moderators:
a. do not call them biased for 'only' hiding your posts. You don't know how many posts are hidden.
b. when a mod tells you to stay on topic don't continue your personal issues on the board
c. if a mod locks a thread don't open another one to continue the topic unless he says so in his closing post

Cheers, Hunter

info Modbreak : Hunter (#14128) - 12-Mar-2010 20:30:09 - Reason for closing: This is not to be discussed
Lord Mad One (#437)
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25-Mar-2010 14:54:41 Quality: +1.

-Do not make personal attacks on an individual. Related or not, it detracts away from the overal purpose of a meaninful discussion.

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