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A quick introduction into battles for new players


There are 4 ways to attack in TEQ:

1st Regular Attacks aka Landgrabs
done with: a combination of marines,panzers, fighters and bombers
goal: steal land, buildings, rescources and technology from an opponent
used for: growth of your own country or during war

2nd Special Attacks
done with: either marines, panzers, fighters or bombers
goal: specialized assault or capture attempt against one vital part of your target.
used for: crippling your opponent during a war

3rd Seal Operations
done with: Seals
goal: collecting information or theft of technology or goods
used for: hidden capture of rescources or during war

4th Missile strikes
done with: missiles
goal: destruction of your opponents country
used for: warfare, strictly forbidden during times of peace


Landgrabs and special attacks need moral to work properly. you regain moral every turn you take without withing. So this limits your maximum number of attacks. If you fight with low moral your forces are weaker.


Patriot defence system protects your nation against incoming missile attacks. YOu need technology and missile installations to maximize this


There are 2 basic concepts about landgrabing that you need to know about:
-the air and groundbattle
-the random factor

Each battle consists of two steps: air and groundbattle. Air is first. If you sent airforces with your grab then they will first fight the opponents airdefence. If successfull your airforce can aid the groundbattle, if not then they can hardly help at all.

The groundbattle is what decides if you are victorious or not. Your marines and panzers, possibly aided by airforce, attack the defending marines panzers and heavy laser defence turrets. If you win this the grab was successfull.

then there is the random factor: The attacking forces might suffer a random loss of attack strenght. So you need to plan in a little more then the absolute minimum if you wnat to be sure you win the fight.

Technology and Profile Setting

There are two things that effect the overall strenght of your troops: The Computer Enhancement (CE) technology and the profile setting Military Strenght (MS). The profile settings is your own free choice if you are willing to take disadvantages to compensate it and the technologys can be baught or researched.

Make sure you know how to use both before you plan an agressive strategy!

Would be a little too much for this overview to describe them in all details, but lets keep it as simple as possible and say that on worst conditions your army fights with 70% strenght and in the best condition it fights with 208%, so nearly 3 times as strong.


Seals can perform hidden operations. If successfull your opponent wont know who hit him. But you could be caught.

You need to have Sealoperations available for this. Every 40 turns you will get 15 Seals ops refreshed.

If used correctly these can make you rich. espacialy 'steal discovery' ops are very commonly used. But they are triggering wars now and then too!


Missiles are only for war. they give you no benefit at all and they are even expencive. But they can be devastating: destroy buildings, decimate population, recource destruction or the deletion of technologies are just some possible aspects.

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