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Delirious (#1434)
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27-Mar-2005 11:15:34 Quality: 0.

The Directory is complete, but I am still accepting applications. If you would like to be listed, please contact me, and I'll get back to you. Also, I have completed a bit of the work for the rest of the site. Please keep me updated of changes. Thanks for everyone's continued interest!

UPDATE (14 Sept 05) - I almost have the alternate manual done.
UPDATE (31 Dec 05) - I have the manual done and I am waiting to get back to my apartment in mid January 2006 to re-update the site so please be patient.

UPDATE (06 Mar 06) - I have update the site again.
UPDATE(19 Oct 06) - I will most likely be updating this again within a week. I also have plans to write a couple programs to help out those who have been wanting formula calculators.

TEQ n00b Trainers Directory

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Che (#517)
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27-Mar-2005 12:40:12 Quality: 0.

Nice feature.
Thread sticky.

Che -Havana Club-
Hasta la victoria siempre!

Team: El Presidente de [WIRE]
Group: Treehuggers we are.. [VAIN]

Delirious (#1434)
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7-Mar-2006 01:44:20 Quality: 0.

Okay, I updated everything and changed the things that people wanted me to. I hid all the posts because the info is up and updated. So your posts are not deleted. You just cannot see them... but I can . If you have anything to add or change, please let me know.


Hekate (#12017)
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8-Mar-2006 10:09:46 Quality: 0.

i can help with more things then G, everything except A actually i think

i haven't had the time to play active for a while, but my januari set in group (top 10 with 4.4b) shows i do know more and can help people with more then just the basics, just don't have the time to play well myself nowadays


o.O (#17726)
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8-Mar-2006 11:17:04 Quality: 0.

good job Del. Unfortunely, I edited my personal info the other day and forgot to put the MSN, my favorite form of communication... when u have a minute, please replace mine:


Delirious (#1434)
TEQ Game Account
8-Jun-2006 21:16:23 Quality: 0.

Updated again


Northstar© (#1434)
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13-Aug-2009 01:50:01 Quality: 0.

Currently outdated
zGwpn (#60)
TEQ Game Account
13-Aug-2009 01:57:13 Quality: 0.

ICQ - correct
AIM - zgwpnTEQ

- zG

Nobody (#15330)
Premium/Plus Member
13-Aug-2009 05:28:46 Quality: 0.


msn -

G and S

Bunzel (#272)
Premium/Plus Member
2-Aug-2011 11:03:56 Quality: 0.

Unsticky plz,

Old like !@$#..

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