Messageboards Instructions

The messageboards have 3 levels:
  • Board selection level - A messageboard (or forum) is a group of threads (or discussions) about the same general subject There is, for example, a board for technical issues and a board for game related issues, etc. etc. When you want to post a new message, make sure you do it on the right board.
  • Thread selection level - Each board contains an arbritary number of threads (or discussion). A thread is a chain of message, starting with a post and a number of replies on replies on replies. There can be unlimited threads on a board and unlimited replies in a thread. If you want to start a new thread, you should do it on this level. Make sure you start your thread on the right board.
  • Messages level - When you select a thread, you'll be able to see all the posts and replies of one thread. On each page, only 10 messages of one thread are shown. Click on a pagenumber at the top or bottom of the messagelist to go to another page. You can also click Prev or Next to go to the previous or next page.
If you are in the thread view of a board. You can sort the threads to your own liking. You can sort the messages by subject, author, number of messages or last update. Click on the header of a column to sort the messages by that key. The default key is the date and time a thread was last updated.

Posting a message

When you post a message, it will appear directly in the thread list, or in the thread, if you reply. You have to enter you Game Account ID and password to authenticate you so only you can make posts with your name. This also means that you always can be held responsible for the content of your message, since you are the only one who can post with your name.

You can "design" your own sign off, in the sign off box. This sign off is saved in a cookie (a small file) by your browser on your computer. Each time you want to write a new message, your browser will automatically display your standard sign off.

Special codes

When typing a message, you can change the appearance of your message. You can use the following codes to do this:

"ON" Code "OFF" Code Description
<c00> or <black>
<c01> or <dblue>
<c02> or <dgreen>
<c03> or <dcyan>
<c04> or <dred>
<c05> or <purple>
<c06> or <brown>
<c07> or <gray>
<c08> or <dgray>
<c09> or <blue>
<c10> or <green>
<c11> or <cyan>
<c12> or <red>
<c13> or <pink>
<c14> or <yellow>
<c15> or <white>
<c16> or <orange>
Make text bold.
Make text italic.
Make text underlined.
Change color to black.
Change color to dark blue.
Change color to dark green.
Change color to dark cyan.
Change color to dark red.
Change color to dark purple.
Change color to dark brown.
Change color to gray.
Change color to dark gray.
Change color to blue.
Change color to green.
Change color to cyan.
Change color to red.
Change color to pink.
Change color to yellow.
Change color to white.
Change color to orange.
Turn ASCII art modus on/off
Insert image


Game Coordinators read the boards from time to time. Direct messages about problems regarding your account, or other messages with no relevance for other users, please send to:

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